xbox deals with gold

This weeks Xbox Live Games sale sees a number of titles reduced. Surely there’s something for everyone here…Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners alike?

The discounts are now in place on the following games and whilst a Gold membership is needed for the Deals With Gold sale, the Capcom discounts should be available for just about anyone.

Xbox One owners will see:

Angry Birds Star Wars – Usually £35.19 now £17.60

Call of Duty Ghosts Gold Edition – 33% off

Call of Duty Ghosts Digital Hardened Edition – 30% off

Xbox 360 Deal of the Week: 5th-11th August 2014:

Xbox 360 Capcom Sale:

As always, region variations may apply but you should be good to hit the links above, visit the Xbox Games Store or download these discounts on your Xbox 360 right now.

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8 years ago

When are Microsoft going to actually start doing updates on new game releases on Xbox Live each week. We all know that it is 5 weeks between new games released on Xbox One and that is why Microsoft are terrified to do updates but all of us know this already so they should just swallow their pride like they did with every other detail of the Xbox One and do a weekly release list like they used to 1 week before the end of November 2013. Come on, when you do inevitably bring it back you will be so praised by the very people who are not acknowledging the lack of it.