With Xbox One, Kinect is right at the forefront of how the system works. Yes, you don’t HAVE to use it, but seeing as it works so well, you’d be a fool not to.

But as with any voice recognition system, you’ll need to know the commands in order to fly around the dashboard. And so, it’s always a good idea to have a list of them somewhere. Here perhaps?

kinect pic 1

Xbox – Gets the console listening out for you. Shows a list of global voice shortcuts.

Xbox On – Turns the Xbox on.

Xbox Turn Off – Turns the Xbox off.

Xbox Select – Shows on-screen voice commands.

Stop Listening – Dismisses voice commands at that time.

Xbox Help – Shows help for the current app.

Xbox Use A Code – Get Kinect to scan a QR Code in order to redeem stuff.

Xbox Show Notification – Shows the most recent notifications.

Xbox Sign In – Sign in to Xbox.

Xbox Sign Out – Signs out from Xbox.

Xbox Sign In As [Person] – Sign in to Xbox as that person.

Xbox Record That – Records the last 30 seconds of gameplay.

Xbox Invite – Fires up the party app in the snapchat window.

Xbox Volume Up – Turns your TV volume up.

Xbox Volume Down – Turns your TV volume down.

Xbox Mute – Mutes that volume.

Xbox Unmute – ….and unmutes it!

Xbox Go Home – Returns to the home screen.

Xbox Show My Stuff – A fancier way of doing the above.

Xbox Show Menu – Saves you pressing that menu button on the controller.

Xbox Go Back – Goes back to the previous screen.

Xbox Snap [App] – Brings up an app in the snap window.

Xbox Unsnap – Kills the snap window.

Xbox Switch – Switches between the two apps currently running in Snap.

Xbox Bing – Runs Bing and gets ready search the world!

Xbox Skype [Person] – Shows details of a Skype contact.

Xbox Call [Person] – Calls said person in Skype.

Xbox Answer – Answers an incoming Skype call.

Xbox Answer Without Video – The above, but brings in the power of video.

Xbox Hang Up – Ends your Skype call.

Xbox Send A Message – Sends a message to your Xbox Live friends.

Xbox Watch TV – Launches your TV from any attached cable or satellite box.

Xbox Watch [Channel] – Changes your TV channel.

Xbox Show Guide – Launches the OneGuide.

Xbox OneGuide – Another way of launching the OneGuide.

Xbox Play/stop/pause/fast forward/rewind/faster/slower – Controls for media playback.

Xbox skip forward/skip backwards/next song/previous song – More controls for media playback.

Xbox Play Music – Resumes the most recent song in Xbox Music.

And there we have it. There’s a few that we have been using alot, others not so much and a couple that have never been used and probably never will (not a Bing fan tbh!).

Good luck.


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