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It’s been well over a year since we first heard word that XIII was going to be remade, with fancy visuals and a full makeover of the original audio, in place. Finally though we’ve got a release date, and the team at Microids are aiming for a November 2020 release on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

November may be the most anticipating turning point for console players making the leap to the next gen with Xbox Series X and PS5, but a remake of the iconic XIII may well be enough to ensure some hang around for a little longer.

Due to launch on November 10th 2020, XIII on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC is being handled by both Microids and PlayMagic, as they attempt to bring the much-loved original game kicking and screaming into the modern era.

First released back in 2003 on the original Xbox, PS2 and PC, the remake of XIII will take the same cel-shaded visuals, just with a new artistic touch. And to add to that, the teams working on this latest edition are keen to keep as faithful to the original as possible, and that means remastering the original soundtrack and actor’s voices.


In XIII on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC you will get the chance to play as the titular “XIII”, the man with no identity fighting for his life while uncovering a vast conspiracy. From there, expect to shoot your way through an intense solo campaign and challenge your friends across some of the most brutal multiplayer matches.

About the Story of XIII:

Who are you? The country is still in shock after President Sheridan’s assassination. You wake up injured and with amnesia on the shore of an east coast beach. The only clues about your identity are the number XIII tattooed on your collarbone and the key to a locker. Despite the memory loss, you realize not everything has been forgotten as you seem to have amazing reflexes comparable to a well-trained government agent. You will soon be on your way to uncover your past, discovering in the process your role in the murder of the US president and unveiling the most astonishing conspiracy in the country’s history.

To accompany this confirmed release of XIII on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC we find a rather lovely gameplay trailer, one that shows off the new visuals brilliantly. You’ll also get to discover the new look of two iconic environments of the game: Brighton beach or the FBI headquarters. And you’ll get a glimpse of some of the weapons and useful items needed to progress through the game, hinting of the different play styles. The question is, will you play sneakily or choose the frontal confrontation?

xiii limited edition

XIII will hit Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC come November 10th 2020. Those who wish to really immerse themselves in the game will do well to check out the contents of the Limited Edition version of the game. It’ll include a copy of the game, a two-sided metal case, 3 art cards, and 13 in-game weapon skins. And if you pre-order from select retailers, expect to find the Golden Classic Weapon Skins Pack (Pistol + Golden Knife) yours.

Let us know what you think of this latest remake. The comments are down below.

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