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You are never safe with An Evil Existence on Xbox One

an evil existence xbox one

There are all manner of stupidly scary horror titles available on Xbox One – but now there’s another. And in An Evil Existence you will never be safe. 

Arriving on the Xbox Store for Xbox One for purchase and digital download, An Evil Existence threatens to scare the wits out of you – much like the multitude of stunning horror titles previously available have done. 

This time round we are whisked off to the extremely remote English town of Boatnug, before visiting the Hartley household. And yeah, you might wish you never set foot in this town. 

Priced at £20.99, An Evil Existence on Xbox One sees you attempting to get to grips with a murderous family – hi Resident Evil 7 biohazard – as you go about capturing a bit of decent footage for your social media channels. It doesn’t take long before you realise that getting some viral love is going to be the least of your worries. 

Survival is the main focus with everything that you do in An Evil Existence as you try your best to defend at all costs from the family members you come up against. These Hartley’s just aren’t a very nice bunch. 

If you’re done with all other horror aspects and are looking for a new thriller to scare you witless one evening then grabbing a copy of An Evil Existence on Xbox One from the Xbox Store should be considered. We’ll hopefully have a review of how things play out for you soon too – it may well tempt those sitting on the fence into this murderous home. 

Game Description:

In the remote English town of Boatnug the Hartley household awaits anyone who dares to step foot onto their property. Occupied by a murderous family with a very dark past. When Unsolved mysteries social media page creators Lisa and her Boyfriend James decide to visit the Hartley household to capture footage for their social media page. They soon regret ever going there. Within the first 5 minutes of game play you will be trapped into a interactive nightmare, a horrific exploration of pure and realistic survival horror. The only way to survive and stay alive is to defend yourself from each member of the family who engage in combat through out the game. You are never safe. Do you dare to visit the Hartley Household.

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