Megaton Rainfall is here for Xbox audiences… and it delivers the ultimate superhero experience.

You see, Megaton Rainfall’s sole ambition is to turn you into an omnipotent and indestructible superhuman, saving planet Earth from a terrifying alien threat.

With the power to fly around the world and off into the entire universe in a matter of seconds, the term ‘open world’ has never been so true. However with great power comes great responsibility, and whilst you have the opportunity to absolutely destroy anything in your path, it is encouraged to fight against the alien menace whilst doing your utmost to preserve human life… at least if you are gunning for success.

Whether you are summoned to the crowded streets of Paris or to the beauty of the Middle East, you can be sure there will be a ton of wacky alien spacecraft to blast, fly into and ultimately destroy in realistic, albeit occasionally surreal, surroundings.

If you fancy stepping into the transcendental boots of a superhero, then Megaton Rainfall is now available for Xbox One for £13.24, but you can also pick it up on PC and PS4 and Nintendo Switch soon.

Game Description:

Megaton Rainfall’ is a first-person superhero game. A global alien invasion is taking place and you must face it – alone. Chase massive destruction devices at supersonic speeds around an Earth that’s as large as the real thing and populated with semi-procedurally generated cities. Then finish off the alien devices with your lethal energy blasts. Just be careful to avoid human casualties! You are so powerful, you’ll leave a trail of collapsed buildings if you miss your targets! Feel unprecedented freedom of movement as you fly through buildings, break the sound barrier, and accelerate to extraordinary speeds. Then rise above the atmosphere, circumnavigate the Earth in seconds, and get ready for your next battle. ‘Megaton Rainfall’ is the ultimate superhero experience!


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