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It’s nearly been a year since we first had the chance to become the greatest ninja in the world thanks to Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. And the best way to celebrate that fact is with the addition of a new Master and Season Pass!

First released in September of 2018, Shinobi Striker has been delivering all manner of fighting opportunities for gamers on Xbox One, PS4 and PC ever since. With the arrival of numerous downloadable Masters to help out along the way, it could never be said that this game wasn’t being kept fresh. Now though, as the first Season Pass comes to an end, it’s time to crack on again, with the purchase of Season Pass 2 letting us get prepared for even more Naruto-filled goodies.

What do we have today? Well, the Season Pass 2 is the main event as this gives access to special training courses from no less than 9 different Masters. Following in the same vein as the original Shinobi Striker Season Pass, this second offering will just continue to see the content drop, with new Masters and special items promised.

It’ll set you back a rather hefty £24.99, but if you’re serious about Naruto, and think that Shinobi Striker is the best damn ninja battler yet, then price shouldn’t ever come into it.

Getting in on the SP2 action will also see you gifted access to the magical powers of Zabuza Momochi – like, from now. Available as a special Season Pass 2 bonus, Zabuza Momochi is more than happy to provide the chance for you to ensure that your very own ninja is well trained, with a variety of Ninjutsu, weapons, costumes and more in place. Expect to find a couple of Ninjutsu (the Demon Slash and Water Prison), the Hidden Mist Jutsu secret technique, a new weapon – that of the Seversword: Executioner’s Blade – and a new Avatar hairstyle, costume and title for good measure.

Zabuza Momochi is available to purchase individually too if you’d prefer to run that route, with a £3.49 price tag attached. Just be aware, gaining access to that Season Pass 2 will probably be the best way to go – even taking into consideration the price – as that will provide the most delightful of ninja based content in the weeks and months ahead.

Tempted by what the arrival of the Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Season Pass 2 brings? You’ll obviously need the base game in place to warrant a purchase, but from there out, the Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. The links above will help out with that. If you’re gaming on other formats, your usual store should also be able to oblige.

Season Pass 2 Description:

Season Pass 2 gives you access to special training from 9 different masters, including Zabuza Momochi! Through this training, your avatar can learn new Ninjutsu from each master and receive special items. SEASON PASS 2 BONUS: Includes Top Secret Training – Zabuza Momochi

Zabuza Momochi Description:

Once you have downloaded this content, you can set a new master by going to Hidden Leaf Village in the online lobby followed by the Ninjutsu Library. Earn Training Points with Zabuza Momochi to get your hands on various Ninjutsu, weapons, and costumes, allowing you to create a ninja unique to you! Content includes: • Two Ninjutsu: Demon Slash (Defense Type) Water Prison Jutsu (Defense Type) • A Secret Technique: Hidden Mist Jutsu (Defense Type) • A Weapon: Seversword: Executioner’s Blade (Demon) • An Avatar Part: Zabuza Momochi’s Hair (male/female avatars) • A Costume: Zabusa Outfit (male only) • A Title: Hidden Mist Demon

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