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KEMCO continue the Asdivine adventure with the launch of Asdivine Menace on Xbox One and PC

asdivine menace xbox one
asdivine menace xbox one

It’s obvious that the team at KEMCO have been busy bees in recent times, with the release of a huge number of their titles on Xbox One allowing gamers plenty of old-school RPG opportunities. Now though there’s another adventure to take in, as KEMCO continue on with the Asdivine journey thanks to the release of Asdivine Menace on Xbox One and PC.

Following on from the likes of Asdivine Hearts I & II, and the launch of Asdivine Dios, we now see Asdivine Menace rock up onto Xbox One and PC, with Xbox Play Anywhere capabilities allowing gamers the chance to play the exact same game wherever they prefer to sit.

Priced up at £12.79, Asdivine Menace continues the tale of Izayoi, the deity of Asdivine as we get the chance to travel the galaxy in order to bring the truth full circle, in yet another epic fantasy RPG from KEMCO!

Taking place after the events of Asdivine Dios, yet again it looks like the whole universe is on the verge of destruction. With us taking control of Izayoi, we are left to traverse four worlds in the search for answers, and ultimately will attempt to save not just these worlds, but the entire galaxy.

Turn based battling is in place yet again, and in Asdivine Menace you can be sure that the gameplay side of things will be more than enough to cover the demands of gamers in search of JRPG goodness. With multiple quests to partake in, secrets to hunt down and materials to craft, Asdivine Menace follows the tried and tested KEMCO formula. But seeing as the vast majority of their other games are well worth taking in, there is no real reason to ignore this one.

If you have previously followed the tales of Izayoi and wish to see how the Asdivine circle completes, then getting over to the Xbox Store and downloading Asdivine Menace on Xbox One and PC is a no-brainer. Should you wish to know more though, then make sure you keep an eye out for our review of the game, or hit the links up above for some thoughts on the previous Asdivine titles.

As is usually the case with these KEMCO launches, there are a smattering of DLC additions which you can get your hands on too. All of the following will, in some way or another, help out your quest to save the universe…

  • Skill Level x3 – £2.49
  • Damage x2 – £4.19
  • Full Restore – £3.29
  • SP x3 – £2.49
  • No Encounters – £1.69
  • Experience x3 – £4.19 
  • Experience, SP & Skill Level x2 – £4.19

Even more info can be found by checking out the old trailer below.

Game Description:

A century after the events of Asdivine Dios, peace has finally settled in. That is, until a visitor from another world suddenly shows up proclaiming the entire universe is about to be destroyed. Hearing this, Izayoi sets off in an attempt to reverse this seemingly pronounced fate with a trio of very idiosyncratic spirits as they criss-cross four worlds in search of an answer. But what is the answer they find…? Experience immersive turn-based battles with cooperative attacks and new limit break skills! With all quests, collecting and crafting, the battle arena, and even post-game content, Asdivine Menace comes packed with enough elements to satisfy JRPG-hungry gamers. As Izayoi deepens his bonds of trust with his spirit companions, their fates together move in new and meaningful directions!

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