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It’s the middle of the month and the free Xbox games just keep coming. Not only has Game Pass decided to mix things up once again, but that old Games With Gold dog is continuing to learn new tricks. 

Available from today are two more free games for Xbox players to get their teeth into – Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition and Raskulls. 

These two are stripped of their price tags for the next few weeks, in the case of Raskulls until the end of June, whilst Project Highrise will be available for zero asking price until the middle of July. They are the third and fouth free Xbox games to be gifted the way of Xbox players via Games With Gold for June 2022, following on and joining the brilliant Aven Colony, whilst replacing that of Super Meat Boy. 

But what do we have with these new games?

Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition is a native Xbox One title that released back in 2018. We were pretty impressed upon review, talking of a highly detailed, complex game that had been translated well to the console world. It’s a game in which you’ll be tasked with building – and managing – a city of skyscrapers, filling them out with everything and anything you can, all in order to ensure the world they are in is a good one. 

Perhaps it’s a game that is a bit niche and whilst the difficulty can be steep, it can also be pretty repetitive, but now we don’t need to worry about the rather hefty £31.99 price tag, able to download for free thanks to our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, it’s probably well worth a download. 

You’ll find Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition over at the Xbox Store. Make sure you download it for free before it goes back up in price mid-July. 

Another game you’ll want to download for free is Raskulls. An old-school Xbox 360 title that is more than a decade old, Raskulls is pretty bone-shakingly crazy, as you work your platforming skills over no less than sixty levels of joy. It looks pretty good still for a game that is well past its best, and should well suffice for a rainy day. Go and grab it right now – and especially prior to the end of June – adding Raskulls to your digital library. It’s playable on Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Please note – you may need to hold a few hours longer to see Raskulls free in your region.

As always, let us know what you think of the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for June 2022. Will you be playing Raskulls or Project Highrise? Are you still working your alien magic in Aven Colony? The comments are below. 

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