Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, The Bitmap Brothers were at the top of their game. Having created the likes of the stunning Speedball and Speedball II before mixing things up with Xenon, if you were a gamer back then, you’d always keep an eye out for the Bitmap titles. And that was especially true when the team delivered Gods in 1991 – receiving critical acclaim for the game. Now though Gods is back, in remastered form on Xbox One.

Available right now for £16.74 from the Xbox Store, GODS Remastered sees us falling into the shoes of a nameless warrior who heads out on a journey to take down the Great Guardians. Your reward? Immortality and a place in the eternal hall of fame.

Whether you played the game the first time around or not matters little for GODS Remastered promises to bring that same 2D action gameplay that was branded a classic back in the day, to the modern day gamer, just this time delivering new levels, new monsters and puzzles to complete. It also lets you play with either the original pixel visuals, or across a brand new, more modern 3D scape that is compliments well by a new soundtrack.

Personally, for as good as Gods may have been back in the day, nigh on 30 years have passed since its inception and so the newer visual front will be hugely appealing.

If you wish to know more about GODS Remastered on Xbox One then you should be keeping a keen eye out for our full review in the days ahead. It’ll let you in on all the intricacies found in the game, and may well tempt you in, or out, of a purchase.

Should you be sold already though, remember the game first time around, or just have a little spare cash and wish to give GODS Remastered a punt, then get over to that Xbox Store and get your download in.

Game Description:

Join the nameless warrior on a dangerous journey through four worlds to defeat the Great Guardians who have stolen the homes of the gods. As a reward you will receive immortality and a place in the eternal hall of fame… Experience the 2D-action classic “Gods” by the legendary Bitmap Brothers in a new look! Exciting levels full of monsters and puzzles await you, which you can play either in the original pixel graphics or in a modern 3D mode with an extensive new soundtrack.

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