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It’s amazing how much Zombie Army 4: Dead War has evolved over the months since launch, and what was an already brilliant offering has opened up massively with multiple season passes and DLC bits dropping on a regular basis. It seems as if Rebellion aren’t done yet though and right now they are throwing out 5 new DLC pieces for inclusion in Season Pass 3. 

Even though Season Pass 3 for Zombie Army 4 in itself isn’t particularly new (it first arrived back in May 2021), the latest content additions to it are. There are five new options arriving in house today, adding in new outfits, charms and weapon skins for the most hardened zombie hunters to track down. 

Should you have a copy of Zombie Army 4: Dead War (and you should because it’s brilliant), then all of the following should be of interest to you. Whether that be by grabbing them as part of Season Pass 3, or dropping in on each one, splashing the individual cash required, matters little for they are all hugely tempting. 

But what is on offer now? Well, how does the following suit?

Desert Rat Shola Outfit (£2.49)

zombie army 4 desert rat shola

Shola sports khaki shorts and sandy accoutrements inspired by various British divisions, including the Desert Rats, famous for their role in the North African Campaign. It might seem like a recipe for a grazed knee but the shorts and rolled sleeves are perfect for the hellish climate…

This pack includes:

▪ Desert Rat Shola Outfit
▪ 3 Hats for Shola (Desert Rat Cap, Desert Rat Beanie + Desert Rat Scarf)

‘Hermann Wolff’ Werner Outfit (£2.49)

zombie army 4 hermann wolff

Clearly one of those people who can’t walk by a hat without trying it on (even if it’s mysteriously covered in blood), Werner discovered this uniform in a Resistance safe house. Judging by the personal effects in the pockets, he senses something of a kindred spirit in this fellow deadhunter, one Captain Hermann Wolff.

Pack includes:

▪ ‘Hermann Wolff’ Werner Outfit
▪ 2 Hats for Werner (Officer Cap + Chicken Wire Stahlhelm)

MAB 38 SMG Bundle (£3.29)

Designed for the Royal Italian Army, and popular with elite units due to its high build quality, the MAB 38 became one of the most effective firearms of WWII. The perfect heavy tool for hammering your way through the hordes!

This Weapon Bundle contains:

▪ The MAB 38 submachine gun
▪ 2 Charms (Roman Fasces + Roman Centurion Helmet)
▪ 2 bespoke Weapon Skins (Strange Brigade ‘Royce’ + Italian Camo)

Zombie Wrapped Weapon Skins (£2.49)

You’ve heard of fighting fire with fire, but maybe the same logic applies to… zombies? Apply a grisly Zombie Wrapped finish to your guns with these weapon skins for the Gewehr 43, M1 Garand, Mosin-Nagant M91/30, M30 Drilling, MP44, Thompson, Trench Gun, C96 Pistol, M1911 and Webley MKVI.

Story Charm Pack (£2.49)

Ghoulish keepsakes with a story to tell, which will remind you of the battles you’ve fought through – the Z5 core from Schweiger’s occult machine; the tome he used to save Alpha Squad; a haunting skull mask worn for sinister rituals; and Baron Umbra’s monocle, as cracked as its owner!

Contains the following charms:

▪ Z5 Core
▪ Baron’s Monocle
▪ Occult Tome
▪ Horned Skull

If you wish to pick any of these packs up, head to the digital store of your choosing. The Xbox Store is our fav – that’s why we’ve linked you to each DLC pack individually.

Let us know what you decide to grab though. Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Epic Games Store, Steam, Microsoft Store and Google Stadia. It’s also playable on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S with upgraded new-gen features.

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