Age of Triumph – Destiny’s last hurrah, goes live later on tonight. You will face new challenges, complete the biggest ever record book, fire new weapons and adorn new armour. Are you ready for the final push, Guardian? Here’s 5 things you can expect to be doing in the Age of Triumph event.

Completing the Nightfall Strike first

Destiny veterans will remember rushing to complete the Nightfall first thing on a reset to gain the experience buff (and of course, the blue flames) for the rest of the week. Sadly, this tradition was somewhat quelled due to the removal of the XP buff in The Taken King. Bungie have acknowledged our grief and have granted the blue flames a return. You’ll need a couple of friends to help you along your way – the nightfall strikes are the most challenging and difficult strikes in the game.

Daybreak Strikes

The polar opposite from Nightfall Strikes, Daybreak strikes are a brand new addition to Destiny. You will be firing off your super abilities left right and centre as this new strike type will remove your limits and see what damage you can do with the full power of the Traveller. Your super, grenade, and melee ability will recharge super quick so that you can take down the deadliest of foes in the blink of a Hunter (get it?)

New (old) Raids

Many Destiny players will not have any experience of opening the Vault of Glass and defeating Time’s Conflux, Atheon. Many players will not have slain Crota, Son of Oryx. Bungie are about to change all of that. All of Destiny’s raids are being catapulted back into relevance, with all raids being boosted to a 390 Light difficulty level. Starting from today, Crota’s End will be 390 Light and have a new challenge associated with it – you’ll have to wait a week to venture into the Vault, as Vault of Glass doesn’t receive the Age of Triumph treatment until next week (4th April).

New (old) weapons and armour

Fatebringer anyone? With the raid refresh, you’d expect a revitalisation of the rewards too, wouldn’t you? You’d expect right. The classic raid weapons and armour will be dropping at up to maximum (400) Light, meaning you can kit out your character with classics such as Word of Crota, Vision of Confluence, and Praedyth’s Revenge without having to worry about your Guardian’s capabilities being hampered. The standard legendary primary weapons will not have their elemental damage, you’ll have to find an exotic, adept version of each primary to harness their elemental power which you will find useful for taking out elemental shields and making the most of any burn modifiers.

New Eververse Inventory

Love them or hate them, microtransactions are a thing in Destiny. While the community have warmed to the Eververse trading company, some are still vehemently against Tess Everis’ store for cosmetic customisation. With Age of Triumph being a free live event added to Destiny (so long as you own Rise of Iron, you can play Age of Triumph) we will be seeing Tess stock some shiny new emotes, ornaments, and other trinkets to make your Guardian the coolest in the Tower.

There are plenty more things to look forward to in Age of Triumph. I’m off to fail at completing the nightfall. I’ll see you starside, Guardians.

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