Do you own an Xbox console in your dorm room? Well, you can unlock a new world of entertainment filled with incredible features through your gaming console. Do you get tired of spending hours gaming? You get much more than gaming from the Xbox console. 

The Xbox brings a lot of life into your gaming room. Apart from being a gaming console, it also acts as a multimedia box containing a lot of fun. New features on the Xbox console allow for multiple activities at once. 

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What will you do with your free time? You can use it to explore more entertainment options with your Xbox. Apart from getting access to tons of offline and online games, there is much you can do with your gaming console.

What Can My Xbox Do?

The current Xbox brings a variety of exciting features to peak your gaming experience. Apart from getting access to games free, here are a bunch of exciting things you can do with your gaming console while in your college dorm:

  1. Catch up on Your Favorite Shows

Watching TV while in college might seem overrated, but it’s a vital necessity. Do you have the urge to switch to TV after losing your life in a game? It is common to lose interest in gaming after failing to reach a new game level. 

Instead of switching off the console or breaking the gaming pad, you can decide to switch to your preferred TV show. All you need is your HDMI cable. You can download the OneGuide app from the store for easy navigation.

  1. Listen to Music

There is something special about background music during intense gaming. It adds fun and concentration when going through an uncharted game level. You can play some background music on your Xbox console during your gaming sessions.

The best part is that you do not have to add your playlist manually. The gaming console comes with different music apps ranging from Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. Get to listen to your local playlist without any hassle. 

  1. Chat and Video Call

Do you wonder why dogs make the best pets? It is merely the fact they stick by you through good and bad times. It is the same concept Xbox uses to connect you with your fellow gaming addicts. You can create a gaming room with video sessions. 

It gets annoying when you have to pause a game to reply or answer a phone call. Xbox makes it easier to connect with friends through Skype without pausing your game. No need to get frustrated next time your persistent friends make a video call. 

  1. Connect With Social Media

Do you have a new high score that you would like to brag to the rest of the world about? Do you have a dedicated line of followers you want to keep updated on your gaming sessions? Xbox makes it possible to connect with these followers on your favorite social media platforms. 

Give insights and skills on your expeditions with friends on Instagram or Twitter through short clips. Besides, you can connect to a larger audience by using hashtags. Share the most interesting snaps of your moves on Fifa 21 to your Youtube page to gain more followers.

  1. Watch Movies

Imagine chilling in your dorm with friends over on a dull Sunday afternoon, where you don’t feel like gaming. How can you entertain your non-game friends? You can decide to spice up the evening by catching up on the latest series or movie on your gaming console. Xbox links your Netflix or Xbox Video account to give you plenty of options to choose from. 

  1. Browsing

The best part about Xbox is the plethora of apps it allows for its users. In case you want to browse, you do not have to turn to your laptop. You can use the Internet Explorer option available and search for online content. 

Final Remarks

Xbox brings so much to your life than only gaming. Purchasing such a gaming console is like opening up a new world of entertainment. After taking into account the fun activities with the Xbox, it is worth it. The best part is that the manufacturers keep throwing in new things to keep you entertained.