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6 of the most exciting games to hit Xbox One in October 2018


It’s hard to believe that October is already with us – that does however mean we are slap bang in the middle of the exciting gaming season with a multitude of blockbusting titles readying themselves for release. But which are the most exciting games that will be releasing on Xbox One throughout October 2018? Well, this bunch could well mean that your wallet takes a bit of a battering.

Forza Horizon 4

The biggest (virtual) racing festival on the planet is back on Xbox One – and this time good ol’ Britain is getting the Horizon treatment! And yeah, we know Forza Horizon 4 has been available in Ultimate form for a while, but the standard game isn’t due out till October. 

Most of us know what to expect with each and every installment into the outstanding Forza Horizon series – and the fourth is not particularly waning from the tried and tested formula. Anticipate to be tearing up the streets of the more natural side of Britain, competing in a variety of events and taking in a huge array of different vehicles, from the hypercar to the off-roaders.

Perhaps the most revolutionary of the new features coming at racing fans is the opportunity to share your world with others. Gone are the days of AI Drivertars (however you can keep them, if you wish) and in their place are real players burning rubber at the same time as you. This opens up new ways to interact with the community and delve deeper into the online scene. Something as simple as utilising the new quick-chat system can see you thrown into one of the new revamped multiplayer modes, and participating in the bigger community events like Forzathon always brings joy.

As beautiful as the scenery will be in the most summery of climates, it really wouldn’t be Britain if the weather wasn’t changing all the time. Enter Horizon’s new seasons, where the climate and road conditions change as you play, and each time you jump into Forza Horizon 4 the weather will have changed in extreme ways. Who fancies a race around a frozen lake?!

If you’re tempted by Forza Horizon 4 then you really should be reading our full review.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

With Assassin’s Creed Origins the series really came back to form, and Odyssey is looking to build upon the success Bayek and co. enjoyed during last year’s release. This time round the action is heading to Ancient Greece, and your hero will be fighting through the country on the hunt to discover his own bloodline, and the secrets within.

I say ‘your hero’, because you will get to choose who you step into the boots of throughout the course of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, whether that be the male Alexios or female Kassandra, and the way you will go about shaping your ideal assassin will be through upgradable abilities much like Origins. The RPG elements do not stop there, either, as the opportunities to form romantic relationships with NPCs, and amass a number of different weapons, is present should you wish to get involved. A new dialogue system will open up various paths for the story to take too – it really is up to you in how your personal story, and the fate of Greece, plays out.

In the heart of the Peloponnesian War you would expect there to be huge battles to partake in, and Ubisoft have delivered on this front as aside from the stealthier passages of play you are familiar with, going in and demonstrating your combat skills can be done in battles with literally hundreds of soldiers. Naval combat and upgrading your own ship also makes a return – a great thing for fans of AC’s refined marine exploration.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

It’s safe to say Call of Duty has changed a fair bit since it was a gritty World War 2 shooter way back when, but forays into the future, exo-suits and zombies have been ambitious changes up to this point. But a battle royale mode replacing the campaign? Treyarch! What’s that about?!

You can’t blame ‘em – gone are the days where the campaign dominated the lives of gamers, and fast-paced online multiplayer has been the primary appeal for many players for years now. Throw in the success of Fortnite and PUBG and you can quickly see why Blackout (BLOPS 4’s own battle royale) has taken the place of the campaign.

The standard multiplayer offering of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 sees the series return to boots on the ground gameplay, and introduces a number of new weapons, gadgets, maps and modes to learn. Furthermore, the emphasis on team-play has never been so great, with every player picking a Specialist with their own unique ability to help the team out with, or try and take the lead with in solo modes.

For fans of the Zombies mode, the undead offering is the most narrative-driven adventure seen yet, taking place across time and history to tell an ambitious but engaging story. But of course the key appeal of mowing down waves upon waves of zombies, especially with friends, will always remain similar. Mystical ‘special weapons’ which can be found across each map will provide the bearer with suped up powers, also.

And then there is Blackout, the dark horse of Black Ops 4 but likely the most popular at launch. Bringing in perks and weapons from the base multiplayer modes and chucking in dozens of other players seems like a match made in heaven – and you wouldn’t be wrong. With the expansive map being a mish-mash of maps from games-gone, and characters being plucked out of Black Ops history, Blackout is shaping up to be the ultimate homage to Black Ops whilst simultaneously an exhilarating and tense experience. Oh, and who doesn’t want to pilot helicopters and trucks with friends?

LEGO DC Super-Villains

In a complete contrast from the usual plot of LEGO titles, the mantra of LEGO DC Super-Villains is ‘it’s good to be bad’ – and when the powerful Justice League is called away from Earth, it is time for the baddies to come out and play. With nobody notable around to stop the likes of The Joker, Lex Luthor and Deathstroke, there really aren’t any limits on the mischief you and your co-op buddy can get up to.

It appears the villainous antics of the DC bad guys and the outrageous humour we have come to love from the LEGO series is a beautiful match, and in order to progress through the story you will have to utilise the pranks and gaffs each villain can pull off to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

As with many of the recent LEGO titles the world that is your playground is an expansive one indeed, with all your favourite locations from DC lore being present, whether that be Superman’s Metropolis or Batman’s stomping grounds.

For any LEGO fan or someone looking for a hilarious new action game to get stuck into, LEGO DC Super-Villains will more than provide.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

I didn’t really want to say it – but remember Skylanders? Yeah, the one with the overpriced figurines required to actually play the game? Starlink: Battle for Atlas certainly does, and it is hoping to re-instill the excitement for bridging the gap between the real and virtual world.

I suppose Starlink does a bit more than the aforementioned Skylanders – as it allows you to shape your playstyle by using the vehicles and weapons you prefer to build your unique battleship. You see, Starlink tells the story of the battle for a planet known as Atlas, the fight against the evil Grax and the Forgotten Legion, and the personal stories that a huge-scale space war brings to each character. Therefore every soldier in this expansive space war will require a spaceship – and you are no different.

So – how do you go about making your dream ship? Firstly, you will have to pick a base model to build upon, and then purchase specific weapons to attach to your figurine using a simple modular building system. Then all you need is to buy a pilot to take control and then you are all ready to go out there and take on a variety of enemy ships in engaging and colorful combat. That said, if you prefer to ditch the toys and go down the all-digital route then options are available in-game.

From there it’s just a case of upgrading your ship through an RPG-esque skill tree, bringing a co-op friend along for the journey if you wish, and of course always refining your combat skills and ship.

If you are in the market for a unique way to play your video-games, then Starlink: Battle for Atlas should be definitely taken into consideration. But… the Fox McCloud character and his Arwing ship is Switch exclusive though – sorry!

Red Dead Redemption 2

It borders on absurd to think that this month will finally see us jumping into the boots of Arthur Morgan and experiencing his 19th Century American dream as part of the notorious Van der Linde gang. But, yes, you are reading that correctly… Red Dead Redemption 2 is out soon!

Following the journey of the aforementioned Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde outlaws on the never-ending run from the authorities, RDR 2 will let gamers once again live out their wildest cowboy fantasies with the greatest visuals and a huge array of things to get stuck into. Aside from the main campaign, there will be a wealth of random encounters, optional activities and customisation to spend your time with. Even something as simple as picking a horse and gun quality will be overseen with meticulous detail – as feeding your noble steed (as well as yourself) and cleaning your weapons will be an occasional necessity providing you want to operate at your optimum condition.

The honour system from the first Red Dead has also been revamped, and every encounter you have with a rival gang member, your own friends and even normal NPCs could provide the opportunity for its own diversion in a whole new area if you make the most of the simple but effective dialog options. This all contributes to making the industrializing America feel alive and kicking – but also very hostile if you let it!

With the promise of an online mode similar to GTA V’s on the horizon – Red Dead Redemption 2 could well be one of those games you’ll be playing well in to the 2020s!


The above are 6 of our most anticipated games that will be releasing throughout the next month, but we could have also included the likes of SoulCalibur VI, WWE 2K19 and a ton more. What are you most looking forward to? The comments section is down below and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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