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Mortal Shell’s new roguelike mode detailed and dated

It'll soon be time to embark on The Virtuous Cycle - Mortal Shell’s new roguelike mode. Today the team at Cold Symmetry have detailed and dated exactly what will be arriving, and the best thing about it is we won't need to wait too long at all before getting hands on.

New free DLC released for monster summoning action-roguelike Sword of the Necromancer

You may have stumbled through the monster summoning roguelike worlds of Sword of the Necromancer previously, but now those behind it - Grimorio of Games and JanduSoft - are enhancing the overall experience by throwing out a host of new enemies, additional challenges and a new story chapter… and all for free.

Super-Bloody Roguelike DeathRun TV Revealed

Should you like new IPs, and just cannot get enough of the blood, gore and roguelike action that populates our gaming world, then the teams at Merge Games and Laser Dog have got your back. DeathRun TV is coming to console and PC with its very first gameplay trailer more than happy to shower you in a splattering of blood.

New Dev trailer shows how Isle-shifting roguelike Loot River mixes Dark Souls with Tetris

Tetris is loved the world over whilst Dark Souls has gained such a reputation that it will forever be feared by many. So what happens when you create a game that plays on elements from both games? Well, you get Loot River and right now the workings of how the isle-shifting roguelike will play out have been revealed.

Can you survive in the deckbuilding roguelike Griftlands?

The Klei Entertainment team are best known for the brilliant Don't Starve series of games. Today though they've teamed up with Skymap Games to deliver a new deckbuilding roguelike, one in which players must battle through a broken sci-fi world. Welcome to the Griftlands.

Infinite action roguelike, Gutwhale blasts on to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Mixing randomly generated levels with a final challenge mode that can be played forever, Gutwhale blasts its way on to Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Are you ready to take on a new challenging roguelike?

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares drops the roguelike scares to Xbox One, Series X|S, PS4, PS5...

There is no shortage of Outbreak titles present and correct on both current and next generation consoles, as well as on PC. Now though there's a new take on the nightmares that unfold with Outbreak: Endless Nightmares ripping up the trademark survival horror to worm in a new roguelike twist to proceedings.

Nongunz: Doppelganger Edition brings obscure roguelike action to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

A nihilistic action-platforming roguelike, Nongunz is a game that is obscure in both its gameplay and theme. But as it rocks up onto Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC in Doppelganger Edition, the appeal becomes all the more real.

Cheeky roguelike deckbuilder Rise of the Slime coming to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC

Having been found kicking around on PC through Steam in Early Access form for over two years, Rise of the Slime has been announced for release on Xbox (Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S), PlayStation (point to PS4 and PS5), Nintendo Switch and full drop on PC.

Curse of the Dead Cells update brings indie roguelike crossover content to Curse of...

The excellent, yet merciless roguelike, Curse of the Dead Gods has undoubtedly been holding your attention since its launch in February. Now though, there’s new free content inspired by Dead Cells that’s available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. Are you ready to wield iconic weapons, discover a new curse, and deal with the Cursed Chest in the Curse of the Dead Cells update?

Mixing Tetris with Dark Souls – isle-shifting action roguelike Loot River is announced for...

It's simple really - transform the world, find loot, and battle through a waterlogged labyrinth. Pretty much everyday occurrences. Or at least it will be when the island-shifting action-roguelike Loot River drops on to Xbox and PC. And yes, it does seem to be as nuts as it sounds.

Gods Will Fall Review – A Roguelike Done Right

I could spend a few hours telling you about the heroic conquests and heartbreaking losses of my merry band of soldiers. Instead, I’ll tell you that if you’re a fan of roguelikes, satisfying combat, and unique game design, then Gods Will Fall on Xbox is one of the best games that you can play. With its beautiful combination of random generation and concrete level design, it sets the bar high for any roguelikes that come after.

Die After Sunset to bring roguelike third-person shooting to PC and consoles in 2021

2021 will be with us in just a few short months, and if we're honest we can't wait for it to arrive, if only so we can see the back of 2020. When it does hit we'll be a little closer to launch of Badland Publishing and PlayStark's Die After Sunset too. Win, win.

Traverse dungeons in retro roguelike Pangeon on Xbox One

Looking for a tribute, of sorts, to the classic dungeon crawlers of yesteryear? Then you may be in luck as indie developer Mr Ciastku has created such a game in the form of Pangeon. So, prepare to delve into the retro roguelike experience on Xbox One right now!

Neon Abyss Review – You’ll roguelike it

From the get-go, Neon Abyss might not wow you with its uniqueness but it does do some nice things to change up the usual formula. Grab a little Binding of Isaac, a little Rogue Legacy, and a pinch of Cyberpunk and you have Neon Abyss. If this sounds up your alley, you're in for a nice treat.

Neon Abyss Brings Colourful Roguelike Mayhem to Consoles, Xbox Game Pass and PC

Let's face it, the term "roguelike" is now just as overused as the term "metroidvania". And yet, it's a term which singlehandedly describes what you can expect. Roguelike games punish failure, often stripping you of progress, collected items and patience. Among these games are the likes of Binding of Isaac and Enter the Gungeon, to the latter of which Neon Abyss bears a close resemblance to. Known for publishing Worms and Overcooked, Team17 brings the vibrant roguelike action-platformer Neon Abyss to your favourite console, Xbox Game Pass, and PC.

New roguelike Gauntlet Mode comes to Cardpocalypse

Should you be looking for a decent collectible card game that fuses in some RPG elements, then Cardpocalypse certainly delivers. But for as good as the base game is, those behind its creation have now enhanced it even more, throwing in a brand new Gauntlet Mode.

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike Review

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike on Xbox One is going to be a game that will either appeal massively, or frustrate hugely. In fact, whether you get on with this weird mismatch of genres will come down to one thing - whether or not you like your gaming to be luck based.

Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch

Prepare for a trip to a post-apocalyptic world as the Mad Max and FTL inspired Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike crash-lands on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. Are you ready for an experience that is billed as a roguelike gem?

Exclusive interview with Convoy Games as Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike prepares to blast on...

After spending many a year over on Steam, pushing the PC crowds through numerous tactical battles, it's time for Convoy: A Tactical Roguelike to make its way to console, launching on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. With such a unique premise and outline, we wanted to find out more about why console gamers should be excited for this strategic roguelike affair. And so we hunted down the development team in order to fire some questions their way.

Roundguard on Xbox One, Switch and PS4 mixes Peggle with dungeon crawling roguelike action 

Remember Peggle? Brilliant wasn't it? Well, The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and WonderBelly obviously think so too as with the launch of Roundguard on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4, it is that hugely addictive Peggle action which they are combining with some fun roguelike dungeon crawling.

Roguelike action platforming indie hits Risk of Rain 1 + 2 launch on Xbox...

Back in 2013 the small indie team at Hopoo Games stumbled onto a winner, with the launch of Risk of Rain on Steam. That was then followed up by other format launches and then the release of Risk of Rain 2 in Steam Early Access earlier in 2019. Now though, it's time for Xbox One gamers to get in on the action, with the arrival of both Risk of Rain 1 and Risk of Rain 2.

Fast-paced roguelike Hellmut: The Badass From Hell crawls onto Xbox One

If it’s a fast-paced bullet-fest dungeon crawler that you’re after then take note as Hellmut: The Badass From Hell has now arrived on Xbox One. Prepare yourself because the wackiness is about to be turned up to 11 whilst you slaughter demonic hordes.
vambrace cold soul

Delving into the creative history of strategic roguelike RPG adventure Vambrace: Cold Soul

Vambrace: Cold Soul was recently announced for a release on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, but now the developers behind it, Devespresso Games, have shared further insight into the long creative history behind the game and how their original concept has become a reality.



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