aeternoblade ii xbox one

Ready to harness the Aeternoblade once more? PQube and Corecell Technology have today not just released a new gameplay trailer for those looking to defy the destruction of the dark abyss, but have also confirmed an October release date for Aeternoblade II.

With the power of time at your disposal, you’ll get the chance to outwit your enemies and eliminate them using sophisticated abilities and outlandish combos when Aeternoblade II releases on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Created by Corecell Technology and teaming up wth PQube, we’ll be seeing the game launch on October 11th 2019.

The core mechanics of AeternoBlade II focus on time, and how it’s power can be used with deadly consequences. See, by manipulating time, you can use it to overcome all obstacles, solve creative puzzles, and outwit even the most intimidating enemies, and thankfully you’ll have plenty of abilities and skills which will allow for some fun – think the likes of Time Stop, Warp and Reversal, and you’ll be pretty close to the mark.

With AeternoBlade II also featuring fast-paced, intense combat where you can string together a massive hit count of relentless combos in order to overwhelm your foes, and action that takes places predominantly from a side-scrolling perspective, with a smattering of full-3D scenarios thrown in for good measure, you can be sure that your time with Aeternoblade II will deliver some truly epic encounters with bosses and enemies.

Thankfully you’ll have a full set of moves at your disposal, letting you launch enemies into the air before finishing them off using sword strikes, dashes and impressive ultimate attacks. Each of the three playable characters is very agile too, letting you leap, grapple and climb across intricately designed environments with vertical terrain.

If you don’t believe us, you can see it for yourself in the latest trailer for Aeternoblade II. It’s just been released and is available for your viewing pleasure down below. Check it out and than let us know your thoughts.


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