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Asking Alexandria headline the latest Rock Band 4 DLC

Asking Alexandria Rock Band 4 DLC

The festive season is almost upon us, so for many of us it’s time to bring out that Rock Band gear and ensure our musical libraries are stacked with choices. Should you be in short supply of songs, Harmonix have you covered with loads of Rock Band 4 DLC ready to purchase, including the two latest additions to arrive from Asking Alexandria. Want to know what tracks they are?

The two new arrivals for Rock Band 4 come off of the English metalcore band’s second album, ‘Reckless and Relentless’ (2011), which displayed Asking Alexandria’s ability to build upon their debut offering and ensure their sound evolved to keep people listening to them. Available to purchase and download immediately on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with prices listed below, the new DLC tracks are as follows:

If you can’t resist picking up either, or both, of these tracks for the next Rock Band fuelled gathering, and must add them to your vast Rock Band 4 collection at once, then the Xbox Store or the PlayStation Store will provide the downloadable content for you – should you be willing to part with the necessary cash to own them, of course.

Will you be grabbing these relatively cheap Asking Alexandria tracks, or do you reckon you have more than enough Rock Band 4 content already to keep you going for a fairly long while yet? Whatever you decide, be sure to let us know, and even reveal what else you’d like to see coming to Rock Band 4 in the near future, by leaving a comment below or reaching out to us on one of our many social media platforms.

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