Want to be Earth’s last hero and are ready to save a whole civilisation from utter destruction? Paladin is here and will task you with doing just that.

Available right now for £7.99, Paladin is a twin stick shooter that has more than a hint of Defender about it. With 360 degree shooting abilities, a massive amount of ship customisation, enemies galore and the chance to save the world, there is more than enough draw to tempt anyone in.

A screen busting nuke, a RAGE meter that needs to be filled and cash grabbing opportunities complement and enhance the shooting action. 40 levels are included, as are five different ship types and this should allow for a decent amount of gametime to be had. For all the details, we highly advise you to check out our full review before splashing that cash.

If you fancy giving it a go, then the Microsoft Store will let you in. Just be prepared to drop £7.99 in order for your download to get moving.

Game Description:

You are earth’s last hero – defend civilization from annihilation. Protect the cities, destroy the aliens and upgrade your fighter. Drive back the vile invading scum and save mankind in this frantic twin-stick shooter!

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