Get ready to fly as Bee Simulator is coming to Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

There’s some honey-sweet news on the horizon and it concerns the development of Bee Simulator, a game that lets you take in a macro sized world from the perspective of a honeybee.

Arriving on PC later this year, with Xbox One, PS4 and Switch editions dropping a little later, Bee Simulator will see you buzzing around a world inspired by New York’s Central Park, as you compete against other bees in races, collect precious pollen, perform the most outrageous waggle dances and ensure the well being of your entire swarm.

With Gamescom on the horizon, Bee Simulator is preparing to hit new heights and today we get the gift of a brand new trailer, one which shows us the wonderful universe that will be home to our favourite bee-fuelled antics.

“One evening, when I was reading a book about bees to my daughter, I realized that the life of a family of bees is a premade script waiting for a family game. As a parent, I find it important to spend time together on activities we all find interesting and attractive. We designed the Bee Simulator to be such a game” – says Łukasz Rosiński, Creative Director of Varsav Game Studios. “Through the game, the players will learn fun facts about the life of bees, and explore a beautiful world from the perspective of a tiny insect. The split-screen mode will allow you to get to know your colony in a cheerful and entertaining way. We made sure that controlling the flight of the bee will be intuitive for even the youngest players” – ensures Rosiński.

Expect to find a whole ton of adventure included in this bee movie adventure, as you take on the might of the evil wasp and utilise your sting in order to protect your swarm from uninvited guests. But it won’t be just about keeping others safe and Bee Simulator will see you exploring all corners of the park in order to find the very best pollen – if only so you can happily perform a little waggle once you make your way back to the hive, safe in the knowledge that you’ve pleased your Queen.

The main features of Bee Simulator include:

  • A unique chance to see the macro scale world from the micro perspective of a honeybee;
  • A realistic representation of a place inspired by Central Park;
  • Three diverse modes enriched with educational elements: a) Single-player story mode presents you with a family of bees. Can you save the hive from the threat of human beings?; b) Exploration mode allows you to freely discover a world inspired by Central Park in New York.; c) Split-screen mode can be either used for cooperation or competition. It includes an additional map that makes the game even more fascinating.
  • A possibility to interact with the surroundings: people, animals, plants, and other insects;
  • Lack of violence – it’s a perfect choice for parents seeking a game to safely play with their children;
  • Relaxing music composed by Mikołaj Stroiński, who was responsible for the soundtrack of such games as The Witcher 3 and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

We’ve had the chance to simulate the life of a train driver, and take in the world via the eyes of a goat previously. But being able to fly through the air and worry about nothing but collecting pollen seems like an opportunity too good to miss.

Will you be living the high life as a bee when Bee Simulator hits Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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