We never know what to expect when a JanduSoft game arrives on the scene. Will it be good? Will it be rubbish? Well, Astronite works much more towards the former…

Available to purchase and download right now on all platforms, as long as those platforms are Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or PC based, Astronite is a Metroidvania which has been put together by the Dume Games Studio team, picked up for publishing by those at JanduSoft, giving players the opportunity to join the titular Astronite. 

It’s this little guy who is known as the best explorer of his home planet, Neplea, as he goes on the hunt from the galactic universe. 

Playing out as a 1-bit Metroidvania adventure, the £12.49 price tag may well dictate whether Astronite is one for you or not, but if it is, expect much; bosses mostly!

There are however many secrets to uncover, plenty of chances to upgrade your skills and more. The key features sit as…

  • A big map full of secrets.
  • Multitude of enemies and big bosses.
  • Echo Rooms: challenges only for the most intrepid.
  • Improve your skills with power-ups hidden in the map.
  • Original soundtrack created by zeeWave Sound.

Our full review of Astronite on Xbox Series X|S is live, we’d urge you to give that a read. From there, kick back with the trailer below and then grab a copy of Astronite from the usual digital stores – the Xbox Store will cover you for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S play. Astronite is also on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Astronite will be released in physical format for Playstation 4, Playstation 5 and Nintendo Switch on December 2nd too.

Game Description:

Take control of the brave explorer Astronite in this 1bit metroidvania and explore a huge map with different zones full of hidden secrets._x000d_ Fight many different enemies, explore platforming areas and defeat big bosses that will stand in your way. Your goal is clear: eliminate the invasive species from your home planet.

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