Up Next: The 13 games you should be playing on Xbox and Game Pass in March 2023

What Xbox and Game Pass games should you be playing through March 2023? Well, these 13 should be on your list… 

Hands-on with the Razer Kishi for Xbox, Game Pass and Project xCloud

Come September 15th 2020, Xbox gaming will change forever more. No, it's not Series X that is getting a launch, but Project xCloud will be combining with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to ensure that Xbox gamers can take their games on the go, easier, and more swiftly, then ever before. That is where Razer are coming in, and with their Xbox branded Kishi Universal Mobile Gaming Controller for Android, the opportunity to go gaming on the go will become ever easier. Thanks to Razer we've been able to get hands-on with their new Kishi for Xbox ahead of the official release

Unboxing and first look at the LucidSound LS10X Gaming and LS1X Chat Headsets for Xbox One

LucidSound have been on a bit of a charge in recent years, providing numerous new gaming headsets to those plying their trade on various platforms. Two of their most recent additions are that of the LucidSound LS10X Stereo Gaming Headset and the LS1X Chat Headset - want to take in a quick unboxing and first look at both.

Unboxing and first look at the stunning Razer Nari Ultimate headset for Xbox One

The Razer Nari Ultimate isn't a new entry into the gaming headset market, with PC users having access to the brilliance of Razer for a while, but the Nari Ultimate for Xbox One IS a new addition to the Xbox scene. Want to take in a quick unboxing and first look at this utterly stunning headset?

Unboxing the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair

Like any gamers, we're big fans of quality products so when Noblechairs contacted us to see if we wanted to take a look at one of their latest products, we just couldn't refuse. And so here we are, with an unboxing - ahead of full review - of the Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair.

Loot Gaming – January 2017 Unboxed

The year is 2017, the month is January and this is the captain’s log for the latest unboxing of Loot Gaming’s monthly crate subscription. Sometimes Loot Gaming come up with top drawer exclusive items, and indeed last month the standard was very high, featuring an awesome Assassin’s Creed tee. Now, we boldly venture into Space to see what’s present in the latest crate and to decide whether it’s out of this world.

Loot Gaming – December 2016 Unboxed

It’s time to embark on a mythical journey of discovery, to find out exactly what the latest edition of Loot Gaming has to offer. The previous box of goodies, Rumble, was rather underwhelming in terms of representing exclusivity, with a bog-standard Funko collectible causing the most disappointment. Now though, we are delving deep into the Mythic crate, which has a lot to do in order to restore my faith in the value of the subscription.

Loot Gaming – November 2016 Unboxed

The latest crate to arrive from the Loot Gaming subscription is the Rumble one, and as always seems to be the way at the moment, it has to follow a cracking crate. Battleground brought collectibles and reading material, as well as cool gadget that’ll come in very handy. What on earth can Rumble do to match, or outdo the previous crate? Well, having stuff from extremely popular franchises certainly helps!

Unboxing the Dawn Shadow Xbox One Wireless Controller

There are white controllers, there are black ones. There are modded ones and there are standard ones. There are themed ones and there are shiny ones. And now, there is the all-new Dawn Shadow Xbox One Wireless Controller. Want to check out our unboxing?

Loot Gaming – October 2016 Unboxed

Last month, I implored you to get signed up to a Loot Gaming subscription in time for the Battleground themed box for October. If you picked it up then there’s a virtual high-five coming your way, if not, then let’s have a look at what you could’ve been unboxing this month. Can Battleground outdo the delights of the Mecha crate? More importantly, was it worth the monthly fee?

Loot Gaming – September 2016 Unboxed

The latest crate of gaming goodness, the Mecha themed Loot Gaming September 2016 box, has arrived from Loot Crate’s monthly subscription service. With a generally earmarked value of around $60 per package, is the crate of 4-6 items worth picking up? We take a look at the contents of ‘Mecha’ and determine whether it lives up to the expectations.

Unboxing – KontrolFreek Call of Duty Zombies Spaceland Edition thumbsticks for Xbox One

The zombies are coming and this time they light up in the dark!

Unboxing DreamScreen!

Okay, so we're not technically looking at an Xbox One add-on, but DreamScreen is smart LED backlighting that will work with any HDMI TV - something that can therefore only heighten our gaming sessions. Want to take a look at the contents of the box!?

Unboxing the 2TB Xbox One S console

The Xbox One S is here and we've got hold of one in 2TB form. Fancy checking out the unboxing and first look?

Unboxing the HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One and Windows

There's a new headset on the block and this one is competing for the cash of Xbox One and Windows PC owners alike. Want to take a first look at the unboxing of the HyperX CloudX Pro Gaming Headset for Xbox One?

Unboxing the KontrolFreek Destiny CQC Signature Edition thumbsticks for Xbox One

KontrolFreek create some absolutely awesome thumbsticks for Xbox One. Now though, they've worked with Bungie to deliver the ultimate thumbstick add-on for Destiny fans. Want to take a look as we unbox and fit them?

Unboxing the Grip-iT thumbstick covers for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4

If you're looking for something to bring a bit more grip to your gaming sessions but don't want to spend the earth on a set of stupidly expensive thumbstick covers, then you may wish to check out Grip-iTs.

Unboxing the Xbox One Special Edition Copper Shadow Wireless controller

Black, white, multi-coloured, customised - we love our Xbox One controllers. After the announcement that was dropped a month or so back regarding the new Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow wireless Xbox One controllers, we knew we just had to get our hands on them. So we did. And we now have an unboxing of the glorious Copper Shadow wireless Xbox One controller for you.

Unboxing the PDP Energizer Magnetic Play and Charge Kit for Xbox One

Wireless controllers are the current must have Xbox One accessory - no-one wants to be tied down to a wired pad anymore. But what happens when that all important battery charge begins to get low? PDP have you sorted with their new Energizer Magnetic Play and Charge Kit. Want to see what's in the box and how easy it is to fit it to your controller?

Unboxing the LucidSound LS30 gaming headset for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4

Thanks to the guys at LucidSound, we've been given the chance to check out their new LS30 universal gaming headset. Fancy taking a first peek with an unboxing video?

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