The Fourth of July celebrations will soon be in place and to help celebrate, there are a number of discounts and more heading to GTA Online players. Want the details?

In place from now until July 9th are a number of star spangled Independence Day content add-ons, all available at hugely discounted prices. In fact, you’ll find all of the following coming in at 40% off…

  • Vapid Liberator
  • Western Motorcycle Company Sovereign
  • Musket
  • Firework Launcher & Fireworks
  • Star Spangled Banner Horns
  • Patriot Tire and Parachute SMoke
  • Stars n Stripes Facepaint
  • Independence Day clothing, Haircuts, Masks & Outfits
  • MOC Liveries
  • Independence Day Mk II Weapon Liveries

Further to that, if you signed up to the Guest List by logging in to GTA Online between last week, your first round of exclusive rewards will now be available in the form of the Orange Wireframe Bodysuit and a cool GTA$300,000. You can add to that though by logging in between now and July 9th to claim the ultimate neon bulge-hugging party outfit and a nifty cash bonus, and then again between the 10th-16th to grab an exclusive glowing bodysuit collection with the Pink Wireframe Bodysuit and an additional GTA$100,000.

Whilst that is all great, you’ll also find that there have been extensions made to all Double GTA$ payouts on ALL Smuggler’s Run, Special Cargo and Bikers Sell Missions, and further 50% discounts are available on all Hangers, Executive Offices, Special Cargo Warehouses and Biker Clubhouses and Businesses.

The fun doesn’t however stop there and a number of vehicles and crime centres are seeing 30% off until the 9th July:

  • Mammoth Avenger & Renovations
  • Mobile Operations Centre & Renovations
  • Vapid GB200
  • Grotti X80 Proto
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000

Will you be heading into GTA Online this week? Let us know your thoughts in that comments section.

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