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Phoenix Point is the very good but very tough tactical turn-based strategy game from Julian Gollop, the mastermind behind the original X-COM game. Having had a successful launch on PC in 2019, it made its way to console and into Xbox Game Pass in October 2021. If you have already given it a try you may be thinking it’s a bit tricky. Well, today’s DLC is here you give you a helping hand. Or helping wheel, if you will.

Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines releases today on Xbox, PC, PlayStation and Stadia, bringing with it a new, customisable vehicle and weapons from a new faction, Kaos Engines looks to provide help to those mid-campaign and an extra challenge to those post-campaign. The Kaos Syndicate have four new missions for you to complete, with spoils including unique weapons and technology to use back in the main campaign.

Then of course there is the promise of a vehicle to use alongside your units. The Kaos Buggy is a fully customisable vehicle that includes two different weapons: a minigun and a grenade launcher. It can also make a quick getaway if things get too hairy, so don’t be afraid to hit the gas and get out of there.

Existing vehicles haven’t been forgotten either with new weapons for the Armadillo, Aspida and Scarab all included in this DLC. And if the whole scrap aesthetic is grating on you, toggle the ‘fancy’ option on the vehicles for a garish change of scenery!

New weapons are available for your units too to offer more firepower to soldiers. These may or may not have a tendency to malfunction at critical moments though. You have been warned.

Features include:

  • New Vehicle: Test drive the Kaos Buggy, a makeshift vehicle that sports two different weapons alongside its innate ability to hit the gas when things get too hairy!
  • New Missions: Engage in four new missions from the Kaos Syndicate or use their access to scavenged goods to purchase unique weapons and vehicular technology to use in the main campaign.
  • New Vehicle Customizations: Upgrade any vehicle with new engines, hull modules, or weaponry, mix and match their components and paint them how you want them to appear.

Phoenix Point: Kaos Engines is available to download now priced at £4.19 on the Xbox Store. It isn’t included in any Expansion or Season passes – this is a brand new piece of DLC. Don’t forget, the base game is required to play this DLC; if you aren’t an Xbox Game Pass subscriber then you can purchase the base game for as little as £24.99 if you pick up the Year One Edition. It’s on Steam too.

DLC Description:

Take a drive on the wild side with DLC 5: Kaos Engines. This vehicular focused DLC features a brand new vehicle, the Kaos Buggy, and tons of vehicle customization options for all your existing vehicles, too. Plus, try out new and unpredictable Kaos Tech weaponry: great power, but also great risk! Of course, DLC 5 also includes new missions, new research, and an all-new marketplace to buy gear and technology. Pedal to the metal, Phoenix Operatives!

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