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Chessarama is chess, reimagined

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There are many chess games on the market, but whilst in years gone by we’d have been left with the usual board in something like Chess Ultra, pushing pieces from here to there, more recently a few different ideas have come to market; Chess Knights: Shinobi, anyone? It’s those new ideas which Chessarama will look to play with, as it prepares for release in 2023. 

Coming from the independent Brazilian team at Minimol Games, Chessarama will be coming to PC and console in 2023 as it allows players the chance to compete in a minimalist world, wandering scenarios, collecting items and uncovering a whole range of secrets as they go. 

See, Chessarama isn’t just your bog-standard everyday chess game. Nope, this one takes the usual idea but mixes it up massively, with a range of mechanics which will have you cultivating a farmyard, fighting a dragon and fighting as a legendary Ronin in feudal Japan.

The story of Chessarama cannot be understood without Raphael Dias, a young Brazilian developer and Ph.D. in Physics who has been marked by his discovery of Chess when he was 14. Chess drove not only him to have a more structured mindset and discipline in his life as student and professional, but also taught him values like respect and patience. His passion for video games came into the mix with Chess in 2019, when he decided to found the independent studio Minimol Games with the mission of developing minimalist and innovative chess-based games.

A turn-based, chess-inspired collection of chess games, Chessarama has also become an official sponsor of the world’s top online chess tournament, Play Magnus Group’s flagship Champions Chess Tour for the remaining event in the 2022 season. Further, it’ll be on hand to cover the duration of the 2023 season whilst also sponsoring chess24’s coverage of the FIDE World Championship cycle.

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Sebastian Kuhnert, Chief Business Development Officer at Play Magnus Group, said: “We’re thrilled to announce this partnership between the world’s biggest online chess tournament, the Champions Chess Tour, and Chessarama, an exciting new puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. Chessarama gives chess fans and puzzle game fans in general the opportunity to test their wits in a new world of turn-based games. It is smart, and it is fun. We can’t wait to show people Chessarama and look forward to its launch in 2023.”

CEO and Creative Director at Minimol Games Raphael Dias said: “We are immensely happy with this partnership between Chessarama and Play Magnus Group. We are fully aligned in the mission of making Chess more accessible and attractive for an even bigger audience, and Chessarama will be a solid new step in that direction. Chessarama aims to give players a modern gameplay experience, using inspirations from Chess tactics, strategies and culture to create original puzzle and turn-based games, all in one package. The Champions Chess Tour – the world’s most innovative sport event to emerge in the last few years, is definitely the best partner to present our game to the world.”

Take in the trailers below and get eyes on Chessarama as it releases on PC and console in Q2 2023. 

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