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As Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled gears up for release in June, the guys at Numskull have gotten a speed boost off the starting line and today revealed their official merchandise for the game. Alongside the traditional wares of t-shirts, keychains, hats and mugs are some brilliant new additions to their bustling collections.

The main attraction this time is the incense burner; the smoke rises out of the exhaust pipes! Featuring Crash Bandicoot on his kart racer, the burner is glossy and wonderfully detailed, looking good with or without incense inside it. But you will need to make much more room on your shelves for more than just the incense burner.

There is also a pin set that this time comes in a decorative toolbox. Featuring character pins such as Crash, Coco and Cortex, there are also some unique designs featuring slogans and the iconic wumpa fruit. Again, these look awesome as a display; whether that be on your shelves or on your person, you can proudly share your love for CTR!

That’s not all you can have on display though. Or more importantly, not the only places you can display. This new merchandise range even has items for your own racing machine ie. Your car. There are air fresheners featuring the CTR logo and Crash mid-air, but perhaps the best item out of the entire range: the furry dice. What were originally used to drum up interest for the imminent announcement at the end of last year can now be yours to own! The hardest decision will be where to display them, as you’ll want to take them everywhere with you.

And when the time comes for you to challenge your friends to a race or three, there is even a medal to award to the victor. Or, for a real champion, how about a mug shaped like a trophy, or even a keyring shaped like the trophies you will be earning in-game. The mugs will need somewhere to go though, and the team at Numskull have thought of that as well, with double-sided coasters; one side featuring the CTR logo, and the other making it look like a kart tyre.

Special mention to the Eat the Road t-shirt that has a faded look and is exactly the sort of t-shirt you would expect a backwater mechanic to be wearing.

This is another exceptional range of merch from Numskull and once again gamers are spoilt for choice. The full list includes:

  • Furry Dice
  • Air Fresheners
  • Crate Keychain
  • Trophy Keychain
  • Crash Cove T-shirt
  • Eat the Road T-shirt
  • Powerslide Hoodie
  • Face Snapback
  • Racing-inspired Snapback
  • Metal Badge Mug
  • Trophy Mug 
  • Wumpa Fruit Crate Mug
  • Tire Coasters
  • Commemorative Medal
  • Toolbox Pin Set
  • Incense Burner

The difficult decision starts now as they are all available to pre-order at the official Numskulls site and are expected to launch alongside the game which is out on the 21st June.

What will you be picking up this time around? As always, let us know in the comments and be sure to give the trailer below a watch as it showcases the nifty incense burner!

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