It may look nice and cutesy, but Kyub has got a dark side – one that is filled with death and destruction!

Coming to Xbox One on the 13th July 2016, Kyub will see you navigate around a number of deviously created puzzles, escaping horrid traps and using a ton of special abilities as you master the way of the Kyub. Climbing walls, destroying obstacles with lasers and activating switches to open up new paths will all be possible and whether you do this at the slowest pace possible, or as fast as lightning, the final call is yours.

You will however need to be creative, be prepared to die – a lot – and ensure your reflexes and memory skills are on point at all times. With more than 80 levels, the mysterious world of Kyub offers simple mechanics yet a deep gameplay with thousands of combinations!

We will of course remind you when it releases on Xbox One. You’ll probably be able to get your pre-order and pre-download in soon too.

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