The town of Portia, and your Pa’s neglected workshop in particular, needs your help to restore the place to its former glory. To do this you’ll need to engage in plenty of crafting, which is one of the key elements showcased in the latest trailer for My Time at Portia.

Team17 and China based independent developers Pathea Games are collaborating to bring My Time at Portia to the masses, aiming to deliver a sandbox simulation RPG that’ll charm us all. Arriving in Portia, your new life begins and work must commence on rebuilding a workshop in disarray. There are numerous things to do in Portia, including the growing of crops, raising animals, making friends with the townsfolk and uncovering mysteries that have long been forgotten.

But it’s the crafting aspect that’s the real focus today and, armed with your Pa’s workshop handbook and trusty workbench, you must gather the necessary items, mine and then craft your way to becoming the best crafter in all of the land. It won’t be an overnight success, but in a game inspired by such wonderful experiences like Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Dark Cloud 2, as well as touching on the magic of Studio Ghibli, there’s a good chance you’ll be captivated for as long as it takes.

My Time at Portia is currently available in Steam Early Access on PC and will be coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

How will you be spending the majority of your time in Portia?

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