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There’s war in paradise after a top secret mission doesn’t quite go to plan, with the only option remaining being to call in the Strike Force Unit. Can you get the job done in Strike Force 2 – Terrorist Hunt, a new first-person, tactical shooter on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Switch?

When one of your own – a fellow agent – goes off the grid and his tracking signal is lost during a risky investigation, you’re drafted in to save the day. Fortunately, the agent’s final message contained his coordinates and a clear request for an immediate extraction. Given that the reconnaissance style mission involved a para-militarised terrorist organization, led by a former german secret service agent, you just know you’re heading into a dangerous warzone.

Prepare to explore some rather exotic areas and dive into tight, claustrophobic bunker complexes in Strike Force 2 – Terrorist Hunt. There are 8 missions in total for the main campaign, which is set to be intense as you pull off a difficult rescue job. To aid in fulfilling your objective, you’ll have an arsenal of weaponry, including assault rifles, machine guns, snipers and pistols.

Strike Force 2 – Terrorist Hunt is the sequel to the not so well-received Strike Force – War on Terror, hence we can only hope this is an improvement. As long as you don’t expect a AAA Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War standard, Strike Force 2 – Terrorist Hunt could scratch that FPS itch at £14.99 from the Xbox Store or the Nintendo eShop. Be sure to share your thoughts about it by leaving a comment below.

Game Description:

A tropical paradise turned into a warzone. One of our agents was on the mission to investigate a para militarized terrorist organization lead by a former german secret service agent. We lost his tracking signal. The last message we got was his coordinates and request for extraction You are a member of the Strike Force Unit. Your objective is to rescue our agent and combat the terrorist organization. Gear up with a modern arsenal of machine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and pistols and fulfill your objective.

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