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If you’ve played video games long enough, then you’ve probably heard of terms like “Nintendo Hard” or “NES Hard”. The original Battletoads released in 1991 is one of the prime reasons for the existence of these terms. Some of us probably still suffer from PTSD after trying to complete the punishing Turbo Tunnel level. Well, prepare to relive those childhood memories as the new Battletoads is now available across Xbox One, Game Pass, Play Anywhere and Windows PC.

Developed by Dlala Studios with the blessing of industry veteran Rare, Battletoads is a 2020 reboot of the original. This time, Battletoads team up with their archnemesis Dark Queen to battle a new threat in the form of the Topians. Expect tons of humorous interactions and colourful visuals as showcased by the Official Release Date Trailer below. Battletoads features vibrant hand-drawn visuals reminiscent of those seen in Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon series.

As with the original, this iteration of Battletoads is a smorgasbord of genres. It includes the traditional tough-as-nails beat-em-up gameplay, a Rayman-Esque platformer, a third-person reimagining of the infamous Turbo Tunnel and even an arcade-style shoot-em-up, to name a few. Play via the drop-in couch co-op for up to three players featuring classic heroes – Rash, Zitz and Pimple – as selectable characters. Each hero boasts a unique range of moves and powerful morph-attacks to progress through challenging combo-based action which ranks your every move.

Features include:

  • • Action-packed adventure as iconic characters return
  • • Over-the-top combat with combos and hard-hitting morph attacks
  • • Wild, varied gameplay sequences for all types of gamers
  • • Hand-drawn animation feels like playing a cartoon
  • • Drop-in couch co-op for three players
  • • Hilarious story with cinematic cutscenes • Available at launch as part of Xbox Game Pass

Battletoads has a lot to live up to as it follows the May release of the remarkably well-received Streets of Rage 4. Right now, you can get a digital copy of Battletoads on Xbox One and PC or for free via Xbox Game Pass. And just for good measure, there’s Xbox Play Anywhere support dropped in. With couch co-op and beloved characters returning to the fray, it could be the big return to form for the series. To find out whether or not Battletoads lives up to the legacy of its predecessors, keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming review.

Edit: Our review of Battletoads is now live. Please give it a read.

Game Description:

The wait is over! Rash, Zitz and Pimple are returning at last to smash-hit their way through an all-new action-packed adventure of choreographed chaos, and couch co-op may never be the same again. 1-3 players will take control of the Battletoads and team up to storm through wild and unpredictable stages with only one rule – expect the unexpected. Teamwork makes the dream work in a drop-in, drop-out gameplay blast, filled with over-the-top gameplay moments that anyone can enjoy, but only a True ‘Toad’ can master. With a unique hand-animated cartoon style and packed with memorable characters and locations, the Battletoads are back for a larger-than-life brawl across the universe that promises to be fun alone, and unforgettable together.

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