Digital game bundles are great. Delivering multiple titles in one easy to purchase digital bundle, with a great price attached, the numerous bundles available on Xbox One are superb for dragging in those gamers who may have been sat on the fence upon the initial release of a game. At least that is if the price is right and allows a significant saving. So why can’t we sit here and recommend you get involved with the Danger Bundle on Xbox One? Because the price it has been set at is just crazy.

Available right now on Xbox One is the Danger Bundle – a double pack of games from Three Fields Entertainment that brings together their Dangerous Golf and Danger Zone titles. With the former delivering a whole load of crazy golfing fun, and the latter allowing you to relive those Burnout Crash memories from years gone by, on the face of it, if you haven’t previously purchased either game then this is the way to go.

But, for any bundle to be worth its weight, it has to be able to do something that purchasing games separately doesn’t do – you know, maybe allow for a price that brings something along the lines of Buy One Get One Free, or Buy One Get Another Half Price. But the Danger Bundle doesn’t do that, and instead it is actually more expensive to purchase this bundle rather than both games individually.

That is an absolutely crazy decision and should ensure that this pack is ignored immediately. Priced at £27.99, that sees the bundle come in at a whole £1.01 more expensive than grabbing Dangerous Golf (£14.99) and Danger Zone (£11.99) by themselves.

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By all means go and pick up each game individually – make sure you read our reviews for further details on each – but you should seriously consider life before you go and purchase the Danger Bundle.

Bundle Description:

2 explosive games in ​one fun packed ​’​Danger Bundle​’​. Dangerous Golf is an irreverent take on golf where the goal is to score points by destroying as many objects as possible before you sink the ball in the hole with an outrageous trick shot. Includes offline coop for 2 players, same room Party play for 8 players as well as 8 player online matches. Danger Zone is an exciting, puzzle based car crashing game. The aim is to cause the biggest car crash, moving your car around like a missile to create yet more havoc. Set across 38 ​single player ​levels with 7 vehicles to drive​,​ will you have the ​destructive ​skill to propel you​self​ to the top of the leaderboards? ​Both games are s​uitable for a wide range of age groups and skill levels​​.


  1. That is crazy – you would hope that this was some sort of mistake and the bundle should have been £17.99 instead of £27.99. If not it deserves to fail badly…


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