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Ratalaika Games are building a rather extensive collection of visual novels under their publishing wing, with Syrup and The Ultimate Sweet, Roommates, Nicole, and more releasing on consoles  this year. Now, Autumn’s Journey is another of its kind joining the mix to tell the tale of a wannabe knight and her two new dragon pals on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and – very shortly – Nintendo Switch.

As a fantasy visual novel, Autumn’s Journey takes us to the world of Ishtera for an endearing adventure. Here, just two races populate this realm: the long-time citizens known as dragonkind, and the recent arrivals, heavenkind. Auralee, is a heavenkind patrolling the farming town of Berri, when she happens upon an unexpected encounter with a dragonkind, Kerr. After an awkward introduction, Kerr explains he’s actually a mythical Earth Dragon that appears to be stuck in heavenkind form. Whether they like it, or not, they’ll have to work together in a mission to help him transform back. Thankfully, there’s extra aid to accomplish the task from a fellow dragonkind named Ilmari.

With lovely artwork, three endings to discover, 41,000 words in total – including some voice acting – and a whole ton of cuteness, there are plenty of reasons to check out Autumn’s Journey. Simply wander over to the Xbox Store, or PS Store, where you can purchase this visual novel for £4.99 (or at a discounted price of £3.99 if you get it within the first two weeks). Nintendo Switch owners meanwhile, have to wait until 11th December to get involved.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on Autumn’s Journey and tell us whether you’ll be buying it.

Game Description:

The world of Ishtera is populated by two races: dragonkind, who have lived there for eons, and the heavenkind, who have recently appeared. Auralee, an aspiring knight from the farming town of Berri, stumbles upon something unexpected during one of her patrols. After a rather inelegant introduction, Kerr states he’s really an Earth Dragon. Whether he likes it or not, Auralee is now involved in his mission to regain his dragon form. Along with some help by a fellow dragonkind named Ilmari, their journey begins… Features * 41 000 words * Partial voice acting * 3 endings * Tons of cuteness!

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