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Looking for some new additions in terms of the songs found in Rock Band 4? Additions that will ensure you’re able to get the band back together for some hardcore jamming sessions? Today we see Fake Problems and A Day to Remember musical melodies arrive in the library.

Available to purchase, download and then add into your Rock Band 4 library no matter whether you are jamming on Xbox One or via PlayStation 4 are two new tunes from two rather great bands. While fans of A Day to Remember have already had the opportunity to previously see and hear a number of the band’s best songs across Rock Band 4 – ‘It’s Complicated’ arrived back in May of 2019 for example – yet again the metalcore/pop punk vibes that they bring have arrived once more with ‘Sticks & Bricks’ dropping into action; the opening track off their 2010 long-player ‘What Separates Me From You’.

But sitting pretty alongside What A Day to Remember are providing comes ‘5678’ from Fake Problems. A band first brought together in 2005, Fake Problem’s ‘5678’ comes straight off of their brilliant third album ‘Real Ghosts Caught on Tape’ and will certainly come as some kind of comfort to fans who have been missing their creative talents.

So, to sum up, added to the Rock Band 4 library today are the following stunning tracks; tracks that will no doubt appeal massively to not just fans of the two bands, but music aficionados in general…

As always in order to get access to these two latest tunes then you’ll need the base game of Rock Band 4 to hand, whether that be on Xbox One or PS4. From there though you’re pretty much good to go and are free to fill your boots with these latest tunes. Each are available from the Xbox Store as individual purchases for a mere £1.69 each, and we’re pretty sure that the PlayStation Store will also happily provide the required downloads for those preferring that way of life.

If neither of the tunes from Fake Problems or A Day to Remember appeal to your musical tastes but you’re still looking for a reason to delve back into the musical madness that Rock Band 4 brings – and have some mates who wish to join you – then there’s a rather hefty smattering of content and songs available in the back catalogue. We’re pretty sure there is going to be something you are after.

And if Rock Band 4 isn’t to your liking but you still need to pick up a guitar and hammer out some tunes, it may also be worth you looking to the fastest guitar tutor the world has ever know – that of Rocksmith, either in 2014 or Remastered Editions. There are a whole host of available songs present for that, letting you purchase, download, learn, play and master some crackers.

Let us know which route you decide to run with. The comments section is down below and we’re available on all the usual social channels – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all here just for starters. We’d love to hear from you and start to understand your musical tastes.

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