farm together bundle season 1

If you have been taken in by the relaxing nature of Farm Together on Xbox One, but feel that there is something missing then today is your lucky day – for a ton of the Season 1 DLC has been brought together as one, and hit with a big old discount in the process.

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store for Farm Together on Xbox One, the Season 1 Bundle includes all of the previously available content packs that have hit the game, but this time round you’ll see them available cheaper than usual.

If you haven’t yet purchased any of the Ginger Pack, Jalapeno Pack, Supporters Pack, or Wasabi Pack as individual items, and wish to see some little extras added into your Farm Together game, then this Season 1 Bundle is possibly the way to go. Not only does the £8.39 asking price allow for considerable savings over the individual purchasing options, but it means you’ll see the additions of Ginger, Chilis and more available for harvest. There are a huge number of new items, buildings and options available alongside the new crop types too.

It’s obviously a shame that not ALL of the content available for Farm Together is there, but I’m guessing we’ll see the Sugarcane pack included with others at a later date.

Should you wish to grab the Season 1 Bundle for Farm Together then moseying on over to the usual digital stores is the way to go. Us Xbox One gamers will find the Xbox Store more than open for cash taking opportunities. You’ll quite possibly be able to find the same options available on other formats too.

DLC Description:

This Bundle features the first 4 content packs for the Farm Together, the fun & relaxing farming game!


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