farming simulator 22 New Holland Braud 9070L

There is huge excitement surrounding the release of Farming Simulator 22 on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Google Stadia. And finally that all-important release date has been confirmed, with the GIANTS Software team also throwing out new details in regards crop types and a brilliant new trailer too.

So, Farming Simulator 22 will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC and Google Stadia on November 22nd 2021, allowing players the opportunity to see how exactly the good times – and the new crops – will grow.

Come that November release those on Farming Simulator 22 won’t just be left with the usual farming options though and this time around virtual farmers will now be able to plant and harvest grapes, turning them into delicious juice, alongside olives which will create the highest quality olive oil. All this comes together thanks to the new production chains feature.

With the release of Farming Simulator 22, there’s the opportunity for players to involve themselves with even more modding. FS22 mods will let you amend the game to your own liking, bringing even more reason to grab the wellies and jump aboard those tractors.

Further to that though and Sorghum, a new type of grain, has been added to the range of arable crops. And with the new crops, comes the need for new types of machines. The New Holland Braud 9070L grape harvester is one of the new additions to the fleet of new machines in Farming Simulator 22.

That’s not all though and as new generations of farmers follow in the footsteps of previous generations in real-life or through playing Farming Simulator, a tale of emotion will come to the fore. This is shown off with the rather brilliant new cinematic trailer showing a father and daughter working the field together, battling the snow, and enjoying the rewarding victory of harvested grapes. The narrative also reveals Mack Trucks as a new in-game brand, and shows the iconic Super-Liner in action.

farming simulator 22 CLAAS Xerion Saddle Trac

“Here we go, starting the pre-order on our very first self-published title”, comments GIANTS Software CEO Christian Ammann proudly. “We hope fans are as excited about this milestone in the series’ history as we are and enjoy our trailer as we get ready to welcome old and new farmers to our fields.”

Farming Simulator 22 will be more widely available in more regions and to more players than ever before, inviting new generations to learn about agriculture, letting crops and the good times grow together in multiplayer. If you’re hyped for it, pre-ordering will be the best way to ensure access on day one. All pre-orders of Farming Simulator 22 receive the CLAAS XERION SADDLE TRAC Pack including the CLAAS XERION 4200 SADDLE TRAC plus four more machines by KAWECO. Depending on the region, the cover depicts a Case IH AFS Connect Magnum, Fendt 900 Vario, Massey Ferguson MF 8S or Zetor Crystal. A limited Collector’s Edition with a dual tire setup of the Case IH tractor will be available for PC and includes a beacon light responding to the machines in-game.

Expect more details about Farming Simulator 22 to be presented at FarmCon between July 21st-23rd 2021. For now though kick back with that trailer and let us know if you’ll be grabbing the wellies come Farming Simulator 22’s release on Xbox, PlayStation, PC and Stadia come November 22nd 2021.

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1 year ago

really looking forward to this and flight sim