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If there is any time of year when you should be feeding Frankenstein, it is as the Halloween season gets into full swing. And should you be a Rock Band 4 player on Xbox One or PS4, then that opportunity is coming round right now.

The Rock Band 4 library is once again expanding and today we find a couple of new artists and songs hitting the digital library, with Alice Cooper and Slipknot providing the scary goods. The question is though, can you find it within yourself to nail the musical madness that each artist brings?

Priced up at £1.69 each are the following stunning options:

Should you be looking to get the band back together during this frightful time of year then grabbing either of the songs above will certainly allow for some serious jamming. With Rock Band 4 present and correct on both Xbox One and PS4, and a huge library of tracks, artists, packs and more delivering multiple options the way of gamers, there really is next to no reason why you shouldn’t be getting involved.

If you do like the look of these latest tracks and reckon you and your mates should be pounding out Unsainted, or think that Feed My Frankenstein is the only suitable option for the time of year, then getting over to the Xbox Store for Xbox One, or the PlayStation Store for PS4 should be taken in pronto. Hit the links above and you’ll be easily sorted.

Make sure you let us know what you think of these latest songs that have hit the Rock Band 4 library too. Are they something you’ll be picking up? Does the Rock Band library have some big misses? The comments section is down below while you can also find us on all the usual social channels.

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