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Between the Aery and Murder Diaries series, gamers have been treated to some interesting storytelling from developer EpiXR Games. That continues further today as the latest in the Aery series, Aery – Dreamscape, releases today on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam.

Once again players control a bird-like spirit through these ethereal settings. As you float through this world, there are memory shards to pick up, denoted by feathers. Picking these up will advance the story along. Each world represents a different person; you can find out about their thoughts, fears and dreams by picking up these collectibles.

Of course, you can always spend time flying through these worlds without continuing the story and just enjoy this calming gameplay experience.

Those that have played an Aery game before, such as the likes of Aery – Calm Mind, Aery – Broken Memories and Aery – Little Bird Adventure, will not be disappointed by the next instalment. Relaxing gameplay, interesting storytelling and easy Gamerscore. Newcomers will not need to have played any of the others, making Aery – Dreamscape as good a starting point as any of the others.

Aery – Dreamscape is ready to take flight now on the Xbox Store priced at £8.39. Check out our reviews of the others using the links above or stay tuned for our review of Aery – Dreamscape coming real soon.

Game description:

In Aery – Dreamscape you play as a bird-like spirit who can enter the minds of other people in order to explore their thoughts, their secrets, and their imagination. Each person has their own imaginary world and each world represents the thoughts, fears, and ambitions of that person in an interesting and mostly abstract way. Within an imaginary world, you have to find a certain amount of memory shards to advance with the story and to get to know more about the person in question. Once you have found all memory shards you are free to leave the world again and search for the next mind you want to explore. Therefore every single imagination world acts as its own small story with its very own theme, design elements, and obstacles. Experience the feeling of flying, immerse into beautiful and atmospheric landscapes and enjoy the unique storytelling of the game while getting to know a lot of interesting people on the way.

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