The 2D cinematic adventure of Forgotton Anne hit the consoles and PC last month to critical acclaim, but today Square Enix Collected have announced an upcoming update regarding languages and shared a brand new accolade trailer for our viewing pleasure.

I think we can all agree that ThroughLine Games did a smashing job with Forgotton Anne, bringing the world of Forgotlings to life using a lovely anime art style and ensuring a wonderful adventure is to be had in the Forgotten Lands. As a result, the developers have put together and accolade trailer to highlight some of the best reviews the game received from the media – it’s at this point I’d like to divert your attention to our review of Forgotton Anne – which is well worth a watch if you’re still unsure about picking it up on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC or, as of right now, via Steam for Mac.

In regards the update that’s heading to the Forgotton Anne at sometime this summer, it’ll add support for multiple languages – Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, and Polish. This will enable even more gamers worldwide to understand what’s going on and appreciate the tale being told.

“This marks the next stage in Forgotton Anne’s journey, and we’re really pleased to bring the game to new gamers, adding language support for scores of new countries and, indeed, support for Steam players on Mac as well,” says Alfred Nguyen, Creative Director and Co-founder of ThroughLine Games. “We’ve really enjoyed putting together the new trailer to mark the occasion – some of the reviews we received really touched us.”

Forgotton Anne is currently available on Xbox One for £15.99/$19.99/€19.99, PlayStation 4 for £16.00/$19.99/€19.99, and Steam for £15.49/$19.99/€19.99. For now though, we’ll leave you with the accolade trailer…


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