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Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges Guide Series 6 – Summer


Summer in Mexico brings with it the wet season, and this week at least, also ushers in something new: an entire new Series to get our teeth into. Yes, the imaginatively named Series 6 – Horizon Customs is here, and promises to bring about a whole raft of changes to the base game, including a new series of stories.

The Horizon Drift Club story has me very excited indeed, and I can’t wait to dive into it and see what is what and also to hopefully get my hands on the exciting electric (that’s a sentence I didn’t think I’d be writing any time soon) Ford Mustang Mach-E. Now, I have to be honest, I have been a bit disparaging about the Mach-E in the past, as to me, a Mustang is a low, growly, V8 coupe, not an electric SUV, but this one here has made me change my mind.

There are also promised changes to the whole Horizon Open part of Forza Horizon 5, with EXP now able to be earned not only for your player, but also as part of your Horizon Open rank. I’m looking forward to seeing how that works. 

Anyway, let’s dive head first into the Forza Horizon 5 Weekly Challenges for Series 6 – Summer shall we, and see what the new series has in store for us.

Part 1 – Weekly Challenge – Rise to the Challenge

The traditional “Pick a car and do stuff in it” challenge kicks off this week’s festivities, and the car in the spotlight this week is the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. With its wailing supercharger and epic straight line performance, this should be exciting. 

Chapter 1:  Flex those muscles

Simply own and drive the Demon. It will cost a mere 150,000 CR from the Autoshow to pick up.

Chapter 2: In the Groove

Once you are sat snugly in the cockpit and rolling, the next challenge is to keep the car stock, and win an A Class Drag Race. So off to the drag strip with you. The Demon is so quick even in stock trim that this is a piece of cake.

Chapter 3: Power Up

Another drag race victory is required, but this time as an S1 CLass car. I made this share code: 627939703.

With a scarcely believable 0-60 time of 0.8 seconds, this thing absolutely flies, and I’ve pegged the top speed back to enable it to run the Festival Drag Strip just as it hits top speed. Give it a try!

Chapter 4: Limited Edition

The easiest step of the lot – take a photo of your car. Job. Done. 

And that’s it for this week, four steps makes this an easy win.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

This week, the whole kind of PR Stunt vibe is carrying on, with only one race championship and the Trial to have a go at if you want to go racing. We have two Eventlab events this week, alongside the usual Holy Trinity of Speed Zone, Speed Trap and Danger Sign to have a crack at.

So, without further ado, here we go!

Eventlab 1 – Apex Fuego presents Airfield Rally X Circuit.

We need a Rally Monster tuned to S1 Class 900 for this event, and what could be better than the same Ford Racing Puma FE that I used last week, mainly because I don’t have to spend any more pennies on a car. 

The share code is 146677047, and winning this event will land you a nice shiny Toyota AT38 truck, so a nice reward.

One word of caution, don’t hit the big jump with too much speed, as there is a nasty right hander just after – slowing down can be an issue if all four wheels are off the ground!

Eventlab 2 – Shinyodd Presents Stunt Race Circuit.

Yes, another one of those. Imagine my happy face right about here.

This is again restricted to S1 Class 900, but this time anything goes, so I chose a car I had tuned for road racing to have a crack at it.

I used the KTM X-Bow R, and the share code is: 678935417.

It’s a stunt race at the end of the day, and it’s just you against the clock, so impossible to fail.

We win a lovely pair of builder’s gloves for doing this, and who doesn’t want a set of those, right? Right?

forza horizon 5 series 6 summer KTM

Danger Sign – Eagle’s Perch

We have to throw ourselves off the Eagle’s Perch Danger Sign, in a Reliant Supervan tuned to a max of D Class 500. And what is more, we need to clear 115M as we do it. 

Well, I’ve not tuned a Reliant Supervan, so I took this as a challenge, and came up with this: 533864499. 

Luckily, the car is only 35,000CR to buy, and with a basis of D Class 100, there’s a bit of scope to make it better. Of course, the Only Fools and Horses paint job is optional…

We acquire a Super Wheelspin for our trouble, which is a decent reward. Maybe you can score some more gloves!

forza horizon 5 series 6 summer Reliant

Speed Trap – Northern Passage

We have to hit this Speed Trap at over 195mph in an S1 Class 900 Super GT Car.

Now, this is pretty quick, so I chose a car that has the word “Fast” in the name, the Ferrari 812 Superfast.

I tuned this beastie up to be the maximum, and blasted past the camera at north of 200mph, so it is certainly capable.

The share code for the car is: 261040765, whilst the reward for this anti-social behaviour is another Super Wheelspin.

Speed Zone – Orilla Del Rio

The Speed Zone this week is a highly restricted affair – We have to us an Alpine A110 from 1973, and it can only be tuned to a maximum of B Class 700. Fortunately it is a pretty cheap little car, coming in at a mere 98,000CR from the Autoshow.

I took one and tweaked it a little, and came up with: 682356213.

We have to hit an average of 90mph through the zone, and so I concentrated on handling with my upgrades, especially as it is an off road zone. Approaching from the south saw me do it, but the last corner is a bit sneaky, so be careful.

Another Super Wheelspin is your reward.

forza horizon 5 series 6 summer Alpine

Playground Games – Retro Wave

The weekly invite to play the Playground Games playlist, and this time we have to use a Retro Hot Hatch car limited to C Class 600.

You know the score by now, play three games of a random selection, one team wins two of them to take victory, and all the participants are awarded a car as a prize.

This week the car is a Honda NSX-R ‘92, which is a nice little prize. I used a Civic Type R from 2004 (bit soon to be retro, but still) and out of the box it is the correct level, so no extra money to be spent!

Racing – The Trial – Fine Art

To win the prize this week, which is a Porsche 356 from 1959, we have to beat unbeatable Drivatars in an S1 Class 900, Classic Racer.

Now, this class comes up a lot in the Horizon Tour, and I have made a car just for it. It is a Lola Penske Sunoco T70 MKIIIB, which is a bit of a mouthful, but it translates into “Flipping fast 4WD grip machine”.

The share code is  179287110.

Racing – Hand Crafted

Luckily, this championship is “only” against highly skilled Driverbots, and we are restricted to an Alumi Craft vehicle, to a maximum of B Class 700. As there is only one Alumni Craft car that fits the bill, the mighty Class 10 Race Car, our choice is an easy one.

It is a rather steep 300,000CR from the Autoshow, however!

I tuned the basic car up to the ceiling, and the share code is: 401432454.

Winning this championship will net you the Morgan 3-Wheeler, which is a pretty useless car, to be honest, but better than a poke in the eye. Just.

Part 3 – Other Challenges

This week, we have a number of things to try out – a photo challenge, a collectibles challenge, a couple of Horizon Open things to try, a Drift Story to do (I am so looking forward to this) and finally a monthly Rivals challenge.

Photo Challenge – #CIRCLEOFLIFE

Fairly straightforward this week, take a photo of a 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 in front of the Lion Mural in Playa Azul. You may remember we had to take a photo of a Jaguar in front of this picture way back in Series 3 – Summer. Luckily it hasn’t moved.

The Cayman you need is a bit pricey, at 85,000CR, but it’s worth it for a T-shirt, right? What do you mean, no?

See the photos below for the exact location you need to be in.

forza horizon 5 series 6 summer Photo challenge 2
forza horizon 5 series 6 summer Photo challenge 1

Collectibles – Paint Barrels

For this challenge, we have to smash some paint barrels. Simples, right?

Smash 25 of the barrels to win a lovely face mask. Quite topical as restrictions are due to be eased here this week. 

Still, go to Horizon Festival Mexico, the main site, and some kind person has scattered the barrels all over the place. Simply drive around for a few minutes and smash them, and a trendy mask can be yours.

Horizon Open – Just Getting Started and Choices, Choices.

These two events are almost impossible to recommend you a car for, sadly, as it depends on what comes up in the driving playlist.

The first of them asks you to gain two levels in new Horizon Open ranking, so basically, race until you have done this. The second asks you to complete a new Custom Race, where you get to choose exactly how you want to race, so the choices are endless and entirely down to you.

Makes my job that little bit easier though!

You will win 50,000CR and a Mercedes Benz AMG C63’16 respectively for completing these tasks.

Horizon Story – Drift Club Mexico

There are six stages to this story, and they play out like any of the others in Forza Horizon 5 – Meet the targets, keep winning and you too can get your hands on the mighty Mach-E.

Again, not really much more to say about this one.

Monthly Rivals – Emerald Circuit

The Monthly Rivals is a piece of cake every month – Simply post a clean lap time, using whatever class of car you feel comfortable in, and then sit back and relax, secure in the knowledge that you won’t have to do this again until next month.

You won’t win much, except for bragging rights against your mates and 4pts towards the weekly and monthly reward cars. 

Following our guide to the Weekly Challenges in Forza Horizon 5 – Series 6 – Summer should mean that this week’s challenges are relatively simple to complete. Well, that’s the hope, anyway!

Each and every one you complete will go some way towards earning you enough points for the two unlockable cars for the week with Series 6 – Summer offering up the new and exclusive Ascari KZ1R for 20pts and the Jaguar C-X75, a very expensive set of wheels for 40pts. 

The cars on offer across the new series are slightly less exciting, being an Epic Honda NSX-R GT for a mere 80pts and the Legendary #2 Ford GT40 (160pts). There are more points on offer in this latest series though, with a grand total of 230 to acquire. You’ll easily earn enough to take home these Series 6 cars, working through this week’s Summer challenges and then next week’s Autumn ones. 

Speaking of which, Series 6 – Autumn brings more challenges, as you work towards the McLaren 765LT for 20pts and the Ferrari Enzo for 40pts. We’ll have a guide for that as next week kicks into play. 

Remember to make sure you download a copy of Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC. It’s freely downloadable via Game Pass and available from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

And let us know if you like this guide. The comments are below whilst the social media channels are in the usual places. 

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