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You may not totally agree with the premise or the title, but those who have found themselves thrust into the world of Just Die Already come out the other end having found something that is charming and ridiculous. Now though that ridiculousness ante is upped considerably with the introduction of a new free PvP mode.

Rolling out to Just Die Already on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store is the latest update for the game, and this free drop brings with it the chance to partake in a brand new PvP mode.

If you’ve found yourself having already been behind utter mayhem, have happily triggered the complete destruction of both yourself and everything else in your path, and have lost all your limbs and turned into a rolling ball of flesh more times than you care to remember, with the latest free update, it’s time to get serious. At least, as serious as Just Die Already ever allows.

Pushed out by Curve Digital and DoubleMoose this free update adds in a brand new Player Versus Player mode in which boomers will really get what they deserve – by having them fight for their lives! It’s this which will see you competing against your oldest friends, playing in four new arenas where the goal is simple: survive the onslaught from your elderly assailants and start ripping their limbs off. With a variety of settings to utilise, and tons of weapons and tools to make the most of, if you’re a fan of what Just Die Already is able to provide, this PvP mode should be for you

The new PvP mode includes:

  • A brand new game dubbed ‘Farm’: A cat and mouse type affair where one player takes the role of a farmer trying to stop the apple thieves with his shotgun and the others set about lifting that fruit.,
  • Battle arenas where players will duke it out using the array of weapons and tools scattered around the level. Players can choose between a variety of settings such as Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Stock, Time Limit, and King of the Hill to tweak their battle to their liking.

This is the first free update of many promised for Just Die Already. In order to get it, just fire up the game, look for the free download and enjoy the madness from within. Should you not have a copy of the game, you’ll find it on the digital stores of Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. The Xbox Store is here for those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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