It’s been years since console gamers had the chance to become a proper DJ Hero, but breaking out the tunes and rocking through the Xbox and PC scene right now is DJMAX RESPECT V. 

Arriving on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and through Game Pass, DJMAX RESPECT V will deliver you no less than 150 of the most unique tunes to get your DJing on to. Throw in some exclusive music videos and – for the first time in the DJMAX franchise history – some seriously competitive online multiplayer options, and it seems like there is no better time to get spinning. 

Priced at £39.99 or free through Game Pass, DJMAX RESPECT V delivers tunes from the likes of Marshmello, Porter Robinson, Yukika and more. Those artists and tunes will let you really get the feel for the groove too, as you work freeplay sessions, go highscore beating or make your way through a random AIR Mode. 

But failing that is the new online multiplayer option, as you get the chance to prove your DJ skills to friends, family and foes from around the globe. With a setlist that covers pretty much all genres – Pop, Rock, Electronic, Ambient, Jazz and Easy Listening are all there – plus both console controller support as well as keyboard (Hi, Razer Turret!), there is no reason to not get involved. 

Stick around for our full review of DJMAX RESPECT V as we spin the tunes up on Xbox Series X|S. Until then you can grab it from the Xbox Store for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass. You can grab it on Steam too.

Game Description:

DJMAX RESPECT V delivers an unrivaled rhythm game experience, introducing new modes, new artists, more than 150 unique tracks, exclusive music videos, and for the first time in franchise history, competitive online-multiplayer! Experience new tracks and music videos from world renowned artists like Marshmello, Porter Robinson, and Yukika, as well as the return of friendly names including BEXTER, ND LEE, Paul Bazooka, and Makou, among others. Whether you crave a casual freeplay session, or desire to crush your friend’s recent high score in real time, DJMAX RESPECT V has you covered. ‘AIR Mode’ will allow you to enjoy a continuous, random playlist, during which you can choose to play or simply listen, as well as leave comments for other players! But if bragging rights and glory are what you crave, new ‘Online Modes’ will put your skills to the test, pairing you against friends and rivals around the world. Featuring both keyboard and controller support , and an extensive tracklist spanning numerous genres, like Pop, Rock, Electronic, Ambient, Jazz and even Easy Listening, DJMAX RESPECT V will leave no rhythm gamer wanting!

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