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If Elden Ring’s January 2022 release date seems like an age away, and you’ve already 100%’d the previous Souls games, then may we introduce you to Animus: Revenant. Actually the third in the series of Animus games, this was a Switch exclusive that ditched the handheld and arrived at Xbox doors. 

It really is enamoured with FromSoftware’s series. Rather than the Ashen One, you are the Unremembered, and you’ve materialised in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world of a dead king who has left their land to ruin. Ominous bosses with names like The Lady in the Forest and The Jester skulk about, waiting for you to introduce yourself with the blunt end of a warhammer. 

It’s all about the challenging, tactical hack’n’slash combat, and you will die and respawn aplenty. Your loadout can be fine-tuned to reduce your total number of deaths, as there is a deep item-crafting system here, as well as plenty of ways to optimise and improve your gear. Enemies have different elemental effects and weaknesses, so tailoring your giant broadsword to their weak points is probably wise. 

This is not a short game. It has 20-48 hours of gameplay on offer, full of main and side quests, plus lore and collectibles to find. It’s not an open world; instead, it is a linear world that requires some backtracking, so that long playtime looks even more impressive. Or stretched thin – we’ll have to wait until the review to find out. 

We’ve been blessed with some fantastic Souls-like games in recent months, from Death’s Door to Eldest Souls, so Animus: Revenant will need to do something pretty special to turn our heads. Reviews from the Switch version were less than effusive, so – unless a lot has been improved since its June Switch launch – we’re keeping our expectations low-ish on this one. 

Animus: Revenant is out now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and starts at £12.49 from the Xbox Store. It’s also out on Switch and PC. 

Game Description:

“Blood for blood. That which is taken shall be returned.” Leap into the story of tragedy and ruin a dead king has brought. Will you aid the herald? Who is the lady in the forest? Where are the jester’s pants? The retort from your war hammer will answer. – Keeper of this unremembered refuge, a blood debt incurred long ago is to be collected to bring about the end. Summoned from humanity’s desperation, you are all that stands between Cadmeia and its annihilation. Find and seize the blood memories of old, lest those that intend suffering and harm unending should wield them.

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