Whilst the full gameplay reveal of Battalion 1944 isn’t due until early January 2018, Bulkhead Interactive and Square Enix Collective have today delivered a behind the scenes video which should just about tide us over until the new year. Want to check it out?

If you’re gunning for glory and can’t wait for the old-school WW2 shooter, Battalion 1944, then getting a sneak peak behind the scene at the development of the game will surely be something to keep you happy. And that’s exactly what Bulkhead Interactive have done.

With the scars of warfare still littered all over its landscape, there are few exercises more worthwhile for a developer working on a game anchored around the defining battles of World War II than a trip to Normandy, and Bulkhead have been on a little trip.

“Throughout development it’s been so important for us to study every element of World War II,” details Howard Philpott – Creative Producer at Bulkhead Interactive. “The main thing for us is to really understand the brutality and the visceral nature of the Second World War. We’ve been working so damn hard just to make sure we can capture the intensity of these weapons, and making that translate to a mouse and keyboard. It’s been a challenge, but I feel like we’ve really nailed it.”

The video below takes us through matters and sees the team looking at the personal impact working on Battalion 1944 has had on their lives, with Joe Brammer – Executive Producer and Director at Bulkhead Interactive – opening up about the positive influence the game has had on him during some difficult times in his personal life since development began.

“With Battalion 1944, I’ve found a place where I can focus on something I really love doing,” says Brammer. “Sitting down, reading the forum, and seeing the Battalion 1944 community coming together has been quite something. With the game now close to coming out, there are only good things on the horizon.”

But whilst a behind the scenes vid is all well and good, what we all really want to see is some full gameplay and that has been promised for Jan 9th 2018, just prior to the release of Battalion 1944.

That’s not the only news though and both Bulkhead Interactive and Square Enix Collective can also reveal that Battalion 1944 will retail for £11.99/€14.99/$14.99 – less than the bottom tier that was available during the game’s Kickstarter campaign. As a result, those who backed Battalion 1944 when it was just a spark in Brammer’s synapses, will be rewarded with unique-to-backers only skins and multiple cosmetic and vanity-focused loot crates.

“The market has changed so much since we first started work on Battalion 1944, and as players we felt like we wanted to see a fairer approach to pricing in-development video games,” adds Brammer. “In an effort to have a better relationship with our community, Battalion 1944’s run in Early Access will see it priced as a game that’s still in development, and one that requires a growing community to help design and refine it. We also really want to reward the existing community who have been behind us since the beginning, so with this approach we want to give something back to the game’s first loyal supporters.”

Take in the video below and then set your alarms for the worldwide reveal of Battalion 1944’s latest gameplay trailer come Jan 9th 2018.

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