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With a Kula World vibe, and some Marble Madness elements, first impressions of HardCube on Xbox One are those of interest. And then the price comes in, and those same interest levels skyrocket.

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, HardCube is sold on the back of being a simple game, one in which you’ll seemingly need to navigate a simple sphere around a multitude of levels, overcoming obstacles as you go. If you’re looking for a fun little ball-roller, and like cheap games, this could be one for you.

You see, HardCube will only cost £5.79 of your hard earned cash in order to see it automagically arrive on your Xbox One. And that kind of seals the deal right away. But then when we include the promise of ‘realistic’ physics, a range of unique worlds and levels, plenty of different obstacles, and a difficulty lever which will let you play as you wish, and there is even more to love about HardCube.

For those who used to spend time with Marble Madness, Kula World, Marble Blast Ultra from the earlier Xbox days or even the relatively recently released Marble Void, HardCube should see them right. Our full review will be rolling along at some point in time so keep an eye out for it, but chances are this is going to be a decent little puzzler that many will love.

Get over to the Xbox Store, and grab your download right now. And if you do give HardCube a play on Xbox One, let us know what you think about it. The comments are below.

Game Description:

A simple but gripping casual game to pass the time with lots of unusual settings, levels and worlds. Sleek graphics and dynamic gameplay accompanied by a fun OST and an online rating system. In this fun and exciting game you won’t just have to get to the finish line. You’ll need to overcome a lot of obstacles while exploring this colorful world, going through one level after another.

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