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Always fancied learning the ways of the Northern German railway system? C’mon, admit it seems like a huge draw. Well, dream no longer because Dovetail Games and Train Sim World 2 are throwing us gamers into that world, giving us the chance to experience both passenger and heavy freight duties with the Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck DLC. 

The latest piece of content to further enhance the already huge world of Train Sim World 2, the Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck line is one that is capable of bringing together the cities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Schleswig-Holstein – three places that are likely to be on your train spotting destinations going forward. 

Priced at a cool £24.99 from the Xbox Store (yep, Train Sim World 2 DLC ain’t cheap), the Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck DLC will see you given the opportunity to jump aboard the classic DB BR 112, taking in the intricacies of the loco itself, or kicking back in the cab car and seeing where in the world you end up. 

Further to that though, this same content pack will deliver you the controls of the super sleek, super sexy MRCE ES 64 US in order to haul some hardcore freight. That asking price of the pack just seems to get ever more appealing when that is thrown in. 

With the chance to take a trip to the Isle of Wight, or to head into the depths of the London Underground already present, the inclusion of the new Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck line in Train Sim World 2 is one that is sure to appeal to the train fanatics out there. And don’t forget, the game will be expanding soon too, with the new Rush Hour switch providing next-gen drivers the chance to really become immersed. 

In order to enjoy this latest DLC you’ll need a copy of Train Sim World 2 to hand. From there, you’ll find the Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck DLC available from the digital store of your choosing – Xbox, PlayStation or PC. 

Let us know in the comments if a little trip to Northen Germany is going to be put in your diary. 

DLC Description:

Experience regional passenger and heavy freight duties in Northern Germany, linking the country’s 2nd largest city to the commuter towns of Schleswig-Holstein with Train Sim World 2: Hauptstrecke Hamburg – Lübeck. It’s your job to take charge of the services across this route; bundle commuters into the high-capacity doppelstock coaches, and keep the industrial scene thriving by operating key freight traffic. Take control of the classic DB BR 112, either from the locomotive itself or from afar in the cab car, on stopping and semi-fast services between Hamburg and Lübeck. Alternatively, climb aboard the instantly recognisable ES 64 U2 adorning the sleek MRCE Black scheme, and haul a variety of freight trains.

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