Fancy yourself as a bit of a soldier? Think you’ve got what it takes to conquer Nazi Germany? RAID: World War II could be just what you’re looking for.

RAID: World War II is the latest action-packed game to arrive on console (with the game already available on PC), bringing with it four-player cooperative shooting set during a time in which the Nazi war machine is still growing ever stronger. This adventure brings a fight against evil as four prisoners of war are freed from one of the gestapo jails and make the fall of Hitler and his Third Reich there number one priority, whilst getting rich in the process.

There are four different classes for players to choose from, with each one belonging to one of the four playable characters – Wolfgang, Sterling, Rivet and Kurgan. Each class contains a highly developed and individual skill tree, as well as a unique War Cry – a powerful ability that can be unleashed to buff both yourself and the rest of the team.

With a contact in the Secret Intelligence Service to guide you, it’s up to you and your team to execute the objective based raids on many iconic locations within war-torn Europe. Play through extended adventures by undertaking new Operations with storylines full of unique content. The risks are great but the rewards are greater.

Features include:

  • Class-based Gameplay – Choose from four different classes – Recon, Assault, Insurgent or Demolitions – each with their own highly developed skill tree that allows for various play styles;
  • War Cries – Each character class can unleash their own powerful War Cry to buff themselves or the entire team;
  • Character Customization – RAID’s four heroes represent the main combatants from the European theater of WWII: Great Britain, the USA, Germany and the Soviet Union. Each character possesses a unique look and customizable uniform;
  • Lethal Weapon Modifications – The Second World War was infamous for arming the world with experimental weapons that went “bang” in deadly fashion. RAID: World War II gives players access to an array of precision killing machines complete with upgrades like custom barrels, stocks, fore grips, optic sights and much more to satisfy a variety of tastes;
  • Operations Mode – Play through extended versions of your favorite missions with the “Operations” gameplay mode. Operations challenges players through a chained series of highly modified raids, featuring new storylines and added content and objectives;
  • Challenge Cards – By participating and completing successful raids, players will earn Challenge Cards that allow them to customize the rules of a raid in a give-and-take fashion. For example, enemy ammo drops will increase, providing players with more ammunition to hold enemies at bay; however, the damage inflicted by enemies will be greater;
  • Real-world Locations – Travel through real-world locations across war-torn Europe. From the mighty flak towers dominating the heart of Berlin to the idyllic bridge over the Elbe, players will bring destruction to the Nazis in every corner of Hitler’s Reich.

If some co-operative World War II raids sound like your sort of thing, then you’d probably be wise to head on over to the Microsoft Store now and grab a download. It comes in with a price of $39.99 and you’ll need to be residing in the North American region in order to grab it. Once RAID: World War II arrives here in the UK come 13th October, us Brits will need to drop £33.19.

Will you be jumping into another war story? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Game Description:

RAID: World War II is an adrenaline-fueled four-player co-op shooter set during the time when the German war machine was still going strong. Four prisoners of war have been freed by Mrs. White and given a chance to redeem themselves. Their objective? By any means necessary stop the Germans and help end the war. Their reward? The chance to steal anything they find. Take on the role as one of the four misfit members of the RAID gang, Sterling, Rivet, Kurgan or Wolfgang. Shoot and blast your way through Europe using different classes and skills. Customize your weapons using authentic weapon modifications. Your point of contact throughout the war will be Control (portrayed by legendary actor John Cleese). He will send you and the RAID gang on daring missions to execute objective-based raids in iconic locations set across a war-torn Europe.


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