The release of Has-Been Heroes is just around the corner, but unless you’re in the US, or prefer to play on Steam, then that release has just been pushed back.

Originally due for launch on March 28th 2017, the challenging roguelike strategy and action affair, Has-Been Heroes on Xbox One, PS4, PC and Switch has been hit with a delay. Now, as mentioned, those in the US, or playing on Steam will still be able to get involved come that original date, but Frozenbyte and GameTrust have today confirmed that a European, Australian and New Zealand release will now be made on April 4th 2017. The reason? Logistics!

That’s a bit of a shame for those of us looking forward to being able to embark on a princess saving quest, but then, what’s a week in video gaming terms? All it means is that we’ll need to patiently sit back and wait before we get the chance to take three characters off on a journey, focusing on melee attacks, managing cooldowns and firing off hundreds of spells as we attempt to defeat the endless army of undead. The Great Ghoul has a lot to answer for you know.

With plenty of humour on board, ever expanding world maps, increasingly difficult levels and a ton of permadeath, Has-Been Heroes looks like it may just appeal to a whole range of players.

Full features will include:

  • Control three characters across three lanes, coordinate their attacks and spells to defeat an incoming horde of enemies!
  • Plan your route carefully on the randomly generated maps filled with surprises! Travel through merchants, spell vendors, treasure chests and other crossroad locations to boost your character’s powers… but be vary not to succumb to the darkness.
  • A combination of turn-based and RTS game mechanics featuring easy-to-learn basics that are tough to master and evolve into frantic complexity. Discover new tricks and hidden features after hours of gameplay!
  • Meet the epic band of heroes as the young and eager Rogue, joining the company of the wise monk Metacles and the giant-wrestling warrior Crux… and discover a band of long lost friends, such as the Anthropologist turned Mexican Wrestler, the ever-vigilant and paranoid Bodyguard, and many more!
  • Unlock and collect hundreds of game-changing items and spells, boosting the heroes’ powers and making each run unique! 300+ spells, 200+ items, 13 regions, and 12 playable heroes!
  • In rogue-like fashion, die and try again! Each run is different due to randomized maps, spells, items, and enemies. With each level the length of gameplay increases, compounded by the peril of instant death, which forces the player to start over from the beginning.

We will of course remind you when the release of Has-Been Heroes hits home, but for now, Joel Kinnunen, Vice President of Frozenbyte and Producer of the game, together with Marketing Manager Kai Tuovinen have issued an apology video…in typical Frozenbyte tradition.

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