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KEMCO have been delivering plenty of JRPG goodness onto our Xbox consoles for some time now, but this may be the first sports title they have ported over. Okay, it isn’t a full sports simulation, it still has plenty of RPG’ing to do too. How does the balance mix? Find out today as RPGolf Legends launches on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Tee off on an exciting golfing adventure. An unnamed girl finds the spirit of a golf club in a land where the sport has been sealed away. Along with her newfound friend, she must travel through this open world to save the sport from completely disappearing.

There are the usual monsters to beat, quests to complete and classes to unlock. Just this time, there is a golfing twist to almost everything. This isn’t quite PGA TOUR 2K21 though, but let’s hope the golf is still just as fun. Stay tuned for our official thoughts coming soon.

This wouldn’t be a true RPG without some fishing, so I am pleased to say that RPGolf Legends has fishing in it. Just don’t be getting your golf clubs and fishing rods mixed up!

Available to download now, RPGolf Legends will cost £26.99 on the Xbox Store. Whilst it may be more expensive than other KEMCO titles, they are just RPGs. This is an RPG with golf; it’s essentially two games in one. Hit us up in the comments if you can think of any other sports titles that would fit into an RPG setting.

There’s Xbox Play Anywhere support in place too, letting you pick up and play RPGolf Legends across Xbox and PC.

Game description

An evil force has sealed all the golf holes in the world! Join forces with the spirit of a golf club and embark on a fantastic action-golfing adventure to save golf in the world! Travel around in a unique open-world where monsters and golf coexist, get your best scores in 6 unique environments and beat monsters! When you are resting, do not forget to help people with their quests… every encounter counts! Thanks to the class system, you will also get new skills, special items and a brand new look! Whether you spend your time golfing, fishing, crafting or exploring… is entirely up to you. A fantastic journey is about to start!

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