There is no debating that Monster Hunter: World is the biggest release of the year so far. Even dropping on the same day as the latest Dragon Ball title quite easily sees it arrive with aplomb. But whilst owning the base game is an essential part of any gamer’s life, accompanying the full release are a number of content additions – and they may well be worth checking out.

So, Monster Hunter: World already comes in Standard Format (£49.99), plus an awesome Ultimate Edition (£57.99) which delivers a Sticker Set: Sir Loin Set, Gesture: Ninja Star, Face Paint: Wyvern, Gesture: Zen, Samurai Set, Sticker Set: MH All-Stars Set, Hairstyle: Topknot, Gesture: Sumo Slap. Now, all of these are also available in the Deluxe Kit for £11.99. It’s quite obvious that should you wish to feel the full force of monster hunting, then the Ultimate Edition is the way to go.

But, alongside all of this are even more downloadable content offerings, with all of the following now available as extra purchases…

  • Additional Gesture Bundle 1 – Free
  • Face Paint: Heart Shape – £0.79
  • Additional Gesture Bundle 2 – £3.99
  • Gesture: Sleep – £1.59
  • Gesture: Kowtow – £1.59
  • Hairstyle: Field Team Leader – Free
  • Face Paint: Shade Pattern – £0.79
  • The Handler’s Guildmam Costume – £2.39
  • Additional Face Paint Bundle – £1.59
  • Gesture: Kneel – £1.59
  • Sticker Set: Guild Lasses Set – £1.59
  • Additional Sticker Set Bundle 1 – £2.39
  • Gesture: Play Possum – £1.59
  • Sticker Set: Poogie Set – £1.59
  • Face Paint: Eye Shadow – £0.79

If you’re interested in any of the above then make sure you pay the Microsoft Store a little visit. As individual items, they are cheap enough to warrant the odd purchase, but unless you plan on going monster hunting for many months ahead (which should really be the plan for most of us), it could well be a cosmetic price that isn’t quite worth paying.

Only the individual can decide on that though and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the further cosmetic additions available for Monster Hunter: World in the comments below.

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