We’ve previously taken in the best lines that Somerset, UK could offer, and have travelled the ancient rails of Germany with the Ruhr-Sieg Nord addition. Now though it’s time for Train Sim World to cross the ocean and rock up in America with the Long Island Rail Road content pack.

Train Sim World is quite possibly the most in-depth train sim available on Xbox One, and whilst we fully understand the competition is lacking in numbers, it more than delivers the goods required of it. But whilst the base game limits us to the Great Western railways of the UK, and the Northern Corridor of New York, it is the extra additions that are the most exciting prospects – and that is where the Long Island Rail road pack comes in.

Available right now for £24.99, the Long Island Rail Road dlc for Train Sim World on Xbox One thrusts us headlong into the manic world of the American commuter line with the famed LIRR. In operation 24/7, it is up to you to take charge of this line, controlling the LIRR M7 EMUs to make sure the commuting masses make it safely though some of the busiest junctions in the world.

In all, the route includes no less than three of the best stations – those of Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal and Long Island City – letting you in on some of the toughest railside experiences possible.

You’ll obviously need the base game to hand in order to make the most of this content, but should you be a bit of a train geek, or just want to go further with your Train Sim World journey, then the Long Island Rail Road pack should more than suffice. Head on over to the Xbox Store right now and pick it up.

Game Description:

Experience America’s busiest commuter railroad and all the bustle and challenges of railroading in New York City in Train Sim World: Long Island Rail Road! The famed “LIRR” operates 24/7 and carries more than 350,000 commuters each weekday, and you’ll take the controls of the railroad’s modern LIRR M7 EMUs to keep the trains moving in and out of New York City and through America’s busiest rail junction at Jamaica, New York. The Long Island Rail Road route features all three of LIRR’s key New York-area stations – Penn Station, Atlantic Terminal, and Long Island City – extends east to Hicksville, and includes the captivating Hempstead Branch. It’s your job to deliver New York area commuters, calling at a total of 26 LIRR stations. Just imagine the challenges as you navigate LIRR’s busy main line. Whether you’re at the controls of a LIRR M7, riding along, or watching the show from trackside, experience all the sights and sounds of American commuter railroading at its bustling best.

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