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Four years is a long time, but thanks to the constant slew of DLC additions for Tekken 7, those four years since original launch have flown by. And Bandai Namco still aren’t holding back when it comes to expanding and enhancing their ultimate fighting machine as two more DLC packs drop into Tekken 7 – Lidia Sobieska and the Island Paradise. 

Available to purchase and add into Tekken 7 right this minute are both the Lidia Sobieska and the Island Paradise DLC drops. These are the 18th and 19th downloadable content packs to have hit the game across the four years it has been in existance, but they will still come as must-have purchases for those fighting veterans. 

Taking DLC 18: Lidia Sobieska first and this seeing the Polish prime minister enter the fray, as she attempting to protect her own folk by utilising her astonishing karate techniques on those who go up against her. Running at a price of £4.99, or included in the Tekken 7 – Season Pass 4, Lidia is also playable in the Ultimate Tekken Bowl which arrived way back as DLC 1.

But that’s not all we have today and the DLC 19: Island Paradise is also now in play. This is a super cheap affair – just £2.49 – but sees you given the chance to head to the beach, taking in the sun, the sea, and the sand as you battle it out for bragging rights and utter supremacy. It’s a stunning setting and will be sure to complement anything else that Tekken 7 is able to deliver. Again, you’ll find this in Season Pass 4 too. 

If you’re looking to head back to Tekken 7, or are just getting involved this late to the party thanks to the more recent additions, just ensure you have the base game in place prior to dropping any purchase on either Lidia Sobieska or the Island Paradise. But other than that, go fill your boots and lay the smackdown on those that get in your way. 

You’ll find Tekken 7 playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC.

DLC18 Description:

The Polish prime minister Lidia Sobieska joins the fray! Fight to protect her people using her karate techniques! Osu!

DLC19 Description:

A spacious beachside stage that features both a poolside right out of a high-class resort and a beach with beautiful clear water! Play while enjoying the unique atmosphere of the beach, including bright, warm sunlight during the daytime and a beautiful sunset in the evening.

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