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It’s been a crazy 12 months or so in the real world, with the video gaming landscape providing gamers with opportunities to get away from it all. Now though, with the latest FUSER DLC it’s time to live the crazy life once more as Ricky Martin and Livin’ la Vida Loca headline the most recent content additions. 

FUSER is Harmonix’s latest music bringer, following on from the likes of Dance Central and Rock Band to this time allow players the opportunity to take charge of a nonstop virtual music festival, dropping the beats, controlling the sounds, and ensuring that the party atmosphere is rich. Since launch back in November 2020, that party has continued to evolve with multiple new downloadable content additions being pushed out on a weekly basis. 

That is exactly what is happening this time around too, with three new tunes and a superb looking visual pack enticing FUSER fans back in for more, all complete with just a mere £1.69 price tag attached. Those songs are of the highest quality too (yeah, personal taste may dictate whether that statement is true) with the one and only Ricky Martin taking centre stage. If you’re looking for some new discs to spin on the FUSER decks, the following will sort you out…

Further to those tunes is the addition of the Look Pack: Decommodification. This lets you literally spice up your threads with a new Dirty Dussel Thin Vest and Command Trouser combo. It may not have any fun little additions like glasses or video screens, but if this is the vibe you’re looking to give out, it’ll provide the action. 

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As always in order to enjoy any of the latest FUSER content you’ll need a copy of the game to hand. It’s available right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, PC and Nintendo Switch and is well worth picking up should you be looking to hone your DJing skills. 

Let us know in the comments if these latest DLC drops are something of interest. 


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